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  1. Hi Norm, Thanks for the kind words, greatly appreciated & I "plan" to post a new video each week. Hope these answers help as well: 1) I often tie flies with multiple ribs (mostly dee flies) which require they be tied in separately, sometimes I use up to 5 strands for the ribbing, like a lot of bad habits after tying a pile of Dee Flies it just stuck. 2) For the Hackle, I use is mainly Hen Neck as I prefer the more webby feathers. Cheers!
  2. The Black Gordon has been both a great Salmon & Steelhead fly. Heres a step by step video for those interested in spinning a few up for themselves: https://youtu.be/MMATzKnUcKo Materials Hook. Daiichi 2161 (Size 2) Thread: Danvilles Flymaster 6/0 Tag: Gold Tinsel Body: Red Floss Behind Black Floss Rib: Gold Tinsel Wing: Black Opposum Hackle: Black Hen
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