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  1. Finally deceided on a pattern.. plan to mail them next week some time.
  2. Ignore this idiot above... I've got it now *facepalm*
  3. Got a REAL simpleton question here.. how do I get my hackle-tip tails to "flair" out to each side? Mine laid dead straight back!
  4. poor pup! I finished our basement but included a little nook so I could be 'out of sight, out of mind'
  5. What? No chartreuse? I'm waiting on some #6 stinger hooks before I can start. Knew I missed something!
  6. I'd like to participate! TBD on pattern
  7. Thanks guys! Really appreciate the help & info! I'll make a pit stop at Michaels when I'm out running errands this week for sure.
  8. I want to try and tie up some Gurglers (because they look fun)... I don't know what thickness of foam sheets I should buy? I see 2mm through 1" thickness in online stores. Thanks!
  9. Well these are neat - I've never seen a bendback hook before
  10. The above nailed it - Depth sounder, clip to your hook and run line off the trap to get bottom. The eggs are bobber stops, we don't use them in Maine (nobody I know anyway) on the ice - but you will see small buttons or spring bobbers to mark how deep you want to be, so you can reset the trap to the same depth. I see those eggs used more from the baitcaster/bass fishing crowd to peg weights in place.
  11. walpy

    Dear Santa...

    So what's on your Christmas list this year? Or what are you gifting that's fishy? I'm hoping Mrs. Claus gets me a new Renzetti Traveler Salt.. I'm tying a box of classic maine streamers for my buddy and I'll be getting my brother a gift certificate for some new waders (too personal an item to guess the fit).
  12. I've got the ERROR 522 as well a few times
  13. walpy

    Pike n' Burbot

    I've heard Cusk (burbot) called the 'poor man's haddock'
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