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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I could only find readers up to 3.00 locally, but internet searching turned up magnifiers at 7X. I ordered those as well as a high powered LED lamp. Looking forward to seeing (pun intended) how much they help.
  2. I need to troll drugstores. I don’t think anyone makes readers high enough for me. I wear 2.5 just to read, I think I need at least 6X to tie down to 18 or 20.
  3. I just started tying again after a 40 year hiatus. At 64 I wear drugstore magnifying glasses to read but they are too weak for flytying. Any recommendations for magnifiers for tying? Of course Ive been on Amazon and Im aware of whats sold for hobbyist. Im hoping I can get some strong recommendations specifically for fly tying. Thanks in advance!
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