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  1. Thank you, for the information and images.
  2. I am trying to tie some of the older flies, like Adele, Joe O'Donald and Jim O'Donald. I own Trout in 1940 & 1978 where they are mentioned, but there is no color plate or recipe to tie them, and have come up empty after doning a search of the web and have not found anything. Are they in a different book?
  3. I use a Thompson Model A that was given to me back in the 70's, and I purchased a universal base for it from Cabella's in 2010. I looked up the Thompson in ebay ant it is going for around $11 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-Original-and-Vintage-NIB-Thompson-Model-A-fly-tying-Vise-/223362322802
  4. Thanks everyone, trying to keep names in my head is challenging.
  5. Today I went thru my fly box, and am unable to name these flies. Can you help? Paul
  6. Just tied my first fly after being in High School, now that I'm retired. It is an Abbey Wet.
  7. Then I guess then using my old stuff should work for the "Old" Bergman Flies. Not quite the same age but . . . close?? Thanks for the encouragement.
  8. Will do, and thanks for the link. Though it is hard to toss 40 year old jungle cock capes. Just picked up Favorite Flies and Their History by Mary O. Marbury, to help out with the old fly patterns further on in the book.
  9. It has been about 40 years ago I tied flies, still have all the materials hooks and tools. Looking at working thru R.B. Trout plates, any suggestions on where to find pattern descriptions with materials?
  10. Being that I have many flies with many almost looking the same, and I can't remember what their names. What would be recommended to keep track of your flies, i.e. spreadsheet, database, etc.. Also, is there a way to search flies bu body color, ribbing, hackle, etc.. to get their name?
  11. Thanks everyone for the welcome. Congratulations on retiring, you will find out life gets busier!
  12. I made blanks in both bamboo and glass. I sold most to japan.
  13. I would like to introduce myself. In 1970's I was introduced to flyfishing in a High-School Fly-Tying class, where we learned to tie flies,built a Fenwick Fiberglass Fly rod,and learned how to cast. I purchased fly tying materials in a small Walnut Creek shop located under a freeway until I graduated HS. After that I built Bamboo Fishing rods and rolled glass rod blanks (thus mrbamboo), until I sold that business off in the late 1990's. After that I found a gentleman in Kenya who sold me flies for 5 cents apiece, so I purchase many of them (about $5,000 worth). Now I am retired and have quite a bit of fly tying materials and equipment, and now have the time to fish. Paul
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