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  1. Going fishing on a little narrow creek this weekend and not sure I'm gonna have a lot room for casting the fly rod. So I decided to try something a little different that I could cast on my little UL spin rod. They are tied on size 2 4xl hooks and clamped a piece of split shot on to the hook mid way. Initial float testing works fine and yard casting was good. Also tied in a mono loop for a dropper rig. Basically a Chernobyl bobber.
  2. A baby bird and frog round dinny. Plus a couple of mallard flank articulated streamers.
  3. Was going fishing on small lake yesterday morning and decided to tie up something a little random before I left. Ended up with this slider. Gave off a swimming lizard or praying mantis vibe. Worked really well so I decided to give it a bit of a sprucing up.
  4. A late night after work tying session resulted in this thing. A nerf tube rattle popper. Pardon the messy tying table....
  5. Trying tube flies for the first time. These will be for using in the local creeks and ponds for bass.
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