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  1. Well, I went with Collins. What a great guy, and a great education. Charlie will listen to what you are looking for and give great advise and recommendations. I know he's probably very busy, but he will take the time to make sure you are getting what you want. After reading reviews about Feather Emporium, I decided to not take that chance. Collins Hackle Farm 5 star.
  2. All the input on this thread has been very valuable to me and an education experience. I took advise from some of you and called Collins. Man that guy was great. He listened to what type and size flies I would be tying and steered me in the right direction. He even went as far as to explain to me how to take care of my feathers. I thought it was great also when you purchase the cape, you get the saddle also. Sent out check today, so pretty excited to get the feathers and start tying.
  3. Make sense, I was just shopping on the Feather Emporium, and he has some trial sizes available. Seem like a really good site.
  4. New to tying, and I'm trying to understand different grades of feathers, and what they are used for i.e. rooster saddles, rooster capes, hackles, hen capes, barred, micro barred, sizing, grades ect. I've been shopping on line and man can some of these can be expensive, especially if you purchase the wrong ones. Need help. I will be tying mainly midges, nymphs, emergers and dry, all sizes 8-24. What type of feathers, grades and sizes should I be looking at. Help me out here folks if you can, because this can be very confusing.
  5. Excellent advise from everyone, thank you. To a beginner, this can be mind blowing trying to figure out all the lingo associated with just the feathers and types needed. I do believe that I will just pick a few patterns and then go from there. I will definitely give Charlie a call. Thanks to all once again
  6. I was wondering if there are any materials kits being sold to tie specific types of fly? Before I go into a big materials purchase spree, I was hoping I could just purchase a kit (materials only) to tie different flies i.e. nymphs, dry flies ect. I would like to try something like this first, since I'm new to tying. I attended the free fly tying seminar at our local Orvis shop and really liked. I just don't want to purchase items that I will never use. Anybody know of any sites or shops that sell these types of kits, please let me know. Thank you
  7. Mike, glad you were able to get in 9n the deal. I guess I got greedy, because I picked up another one at a different store. Being the penny pincher that I am (not cheap), I'm always looking for a deal.
  8. Well I tried it out at another Cabelas today. My job took me to Lexington Ky, and I stopped in to check it out. Yes they had one left at $134.00, so I picked it up as a backup. I talked to the guy at the fly counter and he told me Cabelas was not going to carry or order anymore Renzetti vises. Folks, Cabelas is not advertising these anywhere for $134.00. The price at the store still shows $199.95 if they have any left, but when they scan them, the vise comes up at $134.00. Even the sales guy didn't know they were marked down. So if you live close to a Cabelas and need a good vise at a really good price, you need to stop and get one.
  9. Hay Folks, I don't know if it's just dumb luck or being willing to wait paid off. I was killing time at the Louisville Cabelas fly department and was shopping around for a fly vise. They had a Renzetti 2200 traveler base model priced at $199.95. I thought it wasn't a great deal but I wanted to look at it. The sales guy got it out of the cabinet so I could look at it. He then scanned the bar code and the price came up as $134.88. I asked him to scan it again and sure enough $134.88. Well I snatched it out of his hand before he could blink. He told me they were marked down to get rid of them?????. Well after my military discount and Cabelas points, I walked out paying about $90.00 for it. Don't know if it was just Louisville Cabelas or not, but if you are looking for a pretty good vise check your local Cabelas out. I looked at their site online and they don't show Renzetti Vises anymore. Maybe that's why their selling them off.
  10. Philly, thanks for the info. I know what smallies can do on a ultra lite. Can't wait to try one on a fly rod.
  11. I'm just starting off and this is what I have so far. Still trying to figure it out. I sure hope this isn't like golf.
  12. The fly tying game night sounds interesting. My wife works out of town most of the week so it's just me. That could work. There are folks who fly fish below the dam, but most are out of towners. I've got a creek down the road full of smallmouths, think I'm gonna give it a try on fly this spring.
  13. kyblev

    Name that tool

    Safety wire pliers spot on. I used them numerous times wiring nuts on aircraft while in the Air Force.
  14. Thanks folks. This site looks really awesome. I'm planning a trip this spring to Adirondacks for some fly fishing. I really liked the thread on tying flies. Great info and finally a site that showes the process and materials. Now searching for a better vice. Budget 100-200. Any recommendations.
  15. Just joined the forum. I'm a 22 year retired veteran and have decided to give fly tying another try. Where I live here in south central there are not any fly shops closer than a couple hour drive. There is a big opportunity here being lost as Cumberland river is down the road and KYDNR stocks several streams in the area. I wanted to pick up tying again so I wouldn't have to rely on someone over 2 hours away recommending what to use. I started again and have realized how much I enjoy it. Who knows maybe I can get something started here. But just wanted to say hello and look forward to becoming a part of the forum.
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