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  1. Can you post some pictures? My first guess is that you've lost the keel effect of the hook bend with a lot of material on the top of the hook (ala unintentional Clouser Minnow.) Perhaps the hook wire is too light for the tie? edit: keel not reel.
  2. Engineer working on AWS Inferentia - High performance machine learning inference chip, custom designed by Amazon Web Services. https://aws.amazon.com/machine-learning/inferentia/ Brian.
  3. I also use a Spindler, but one gotcha: beware of denser materials ripping the center pin out. I can't recommend for cork <frown>. However a finishing nail ground-down to a triangular point has been working well for me for cork (IIRC there are directions on doing this in another thread.) I found that Craft Foam Marshmallows sand down just fine. They're softer than other solutions but $10 for a sack was hard to pass up. They're soft like Flymen Surface Seducers but paint more like Rainy's Bass Pops. One pass with the coarse grit then one pass with the fine grit and they're as good as anything I've bought. https://bit.ly/2VwRbmg Brian.
  4. I'm left handed but tie as if I'm right handed (easier to follow tutorials.) So don't forget us freaks when you tally. Brian "away, and my wife kicked me out of the kitchen"
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