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  1. jason, Fabulous post. I enjoy this type of thing. Insect photography is trying and frustrating business. Great pics Rob
  2. You would also do well to tie up some Niagara eggs. Erie tribs can be a funny place to fish sometimes, especially in PA. Tons of fish, and most of them have seen lots and lots of flies and bait. Nymphs tend to work best for me, but eggs ans spawn will also produce. Unless the water is high, stick with small, drab pattens. If you are going to PA, don't forget your patients (with other fishermen), there are plenty of fish for everyone. Try Crooked or Racoon... small streams, big fish in good #s and few anglers. regards, Rob
  3. As Spring is trying to arrive, I'm trying to get my boxes filled up, and getting excited about the fishing. Although Winter steelheading will always be my first love, I'm getting tired of bundling up like the pillsbury boy, and having so many cracks in my hands due to exposure, that Spring smallmouthing is looking good. Streamers and big nymphs tend to be my staples for early smallmouth (Hellrammites, Muddlers and sculpins). I was wondering what everyone likes and has success with. Regards, Rob
  4. I have a 9' outcast pontoon and was thinking about mounting a trolling motor. Not that I'm against the rowing part, but I take that thing out a couple days a week after work and usually row like hell for 45 minutes to be able to drift back down and fish my way back to the truck. My questions are these: 1)(forgive me if this sounds dumb) I have a motor mount, but how involved is it raising and lowering the motor on the stream. My local river has some extremely shallow riffles that I sometimes have to drag the boat over. 2) What are the types and sizes and costs of trolling motors i should be interested in if at all? I just want to get upstream quickly in order to fish longer and not have to always arrange for a shuttle or ride-jockeying. 3) How the hell do you steer the thing if it is mounted behind you? Thanks in advance for your input Regards, Rob
  5. This is the effect of the legs I'm looking to replicate.
  6. Looking at some interesting stonefly nymph patterns, I was wondering if anyone knows an easy way to knot short biots to create joints in the legs? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rob
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