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  1. And another website says from Tennessee you don’t need to get the trout license as long as your in the park?
  2. I’m kind of confused on the rules of fishing there whether or not I need to get a license on the Tennessee side it says under thirteen don’t need to get a license but I was reading an article and it says in the park under sixteen don’t need to get one?
  3. I well be going to the smoky mountains in March well it be fishable at that time if so any certain flies to bring?
  4. I learned that unfortunately after I placed my order thanks though.
  5. Ep fibers are spendy but they work i usually tie them in the 7-4 inch range on 2/0 or 5/0 hooks they caught me my first pike on the fly!!
  6. Wading in waist deep water with my commando heads the mono sinks so you can’t cast very far and pike fly fishing in general fishing off of docks the bank or a boat it almost always gets tangled.
  7. I was reading how to do it on google it seems there are so many ways to do it I think I am going to do it with a dishpan, bungee cord, yoga mat and Bic pens any better ways or cheaper ways to do it?
  8. I carry a fly shop with but then only end up using a few for trout I start off with a woolly bugger, hares Ear, copper john or Adams. For pike I start with a 7 inch streamer and then down size if no action.
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