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  1. got my flies in the mail today,thanks everyone
  2. got my flies today thanks everyone they were some really cool patterns thanks again fish`n feind
  3. theres a cool vid on you tube thats shows a cool extended body wiggle butt nymph Just an idea for somone
  4. im in i`ll tie a yellow trude humpy size 12, the humpy is 1 of the 2s in B.c
  5. thanks alot guys ya i like the sound of duck wings over grizzly hackle tips for a long floating adams
  6. hey Alex what was the recipe you posted for the contest?Its pretty much the same as the orvis one but calls for mallard wings am i right ,since you cancelled the contest i havent been able to find the recipe. Thanks Fish`n Feind
  7. did i miss the due date? :dunno:
  8. i got a copy of the fly tying bible by Peter gathiercole
  9. may us all get some feathers :hyst:
  10. Thanks everyone & Geo :headbang: This was an awsome swap
  11. you dont hear that much :hyst:
  12. wow that was fast it looked like a peice of the flower until it moved
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