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  1. Royce Here you have the lamp you are searching for http://us.daylightcompany.com/product.plm/18/50 It isn't cheap but it's good. /Jocke H
  2. I use speed 1 on the hairdryer so the feathers didn't fly so long just about maximum 1 meter from the bucket. I didn't have any table with enough free space so my only options was to clean a table or use the floor, i chosed the later one /Jocke
  3. I use nearly almost Bennechi's 12/0 thread it have the same strenght as Dannvilles 8/0, 16oz. One tip. Tie on the thread on a hook and pull it til it break, do it a couple of times and after a while you will learn the strenght of your thread. /Jocke H
  4. I see that many say a whipfinisher is needed i would say its cheaper and it take no more time in learning too do a whipfinish with your fingers. /Jocke H
  5. I got a shopping bag full of feathers from my friend who is a hunter. After i washed them i got thinkin how shoulld i dry and sort them. This is what i came up with. I put all feathers in a bucket and took a hairdryer and started drying them, when a feather was dry it automaticly "fly" out of the bucket. So i sat down on the floor and sorted all feather afterwards. /Joakim H
  6. Have anyone used Whiting spey necks as a heron sub? Never tried it myself but i have heard its great.
  7. Hello. I Wonder if any one have any copy of kelsons book for sale. If you have one please mail me wiht info about your copy, would really like if you also had some pictures of it. e-mail: [email protected] Regards Joakim H
  8. Thank you all for those words. Ulf. I didn't find any japanes nymflegs or porcupine in my local shop so i wonder were do you buy them? I live in a so small town that i dosent even find any markers i the colors i want. :dunno: Regards/Jocke
  9. Hello! Here is my first try in realistic tying. It don't lokk the way i wanted it but i have so little material so i had to improvise. Its a size 14 hook, maybe too small to begin with. I want critics so i know what to change or add next time. (i know the wing case but i don't have any materials for them and the antennas i forgot.) ///Joakim H
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