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  1. I was told that you are supposed to post a recipe with your pic. No worries though, I will help you out..... open window & or open door.
  2. These are not my photos. But this is where the pattern ended up. It's hard to see, but there is a ribbed foam back on the abdomen. I have some photos somewhere that show it better. I will follow up. Safe travels!
  3. Thank you, Scott, for the encouragement. It has been quite some time since I have shared anything. I'm sure that you remember how passionate I can be when it comes to this twisted thread and feather thing that we all love. If you would like to see the finished product of the evolution of this pattern just let me know. I can send you half a dozen of them! Like I said, I have always appreciated your attention to detail in your SBS posts. And I was always rooting for your thumb nail to heal from the constant bruise it always had! Peace
  4. Thank you for that! It has been years since I have posted anything. The fishing was good and the catching was plentiful. What do you typically fish for in Florida? I use to fish the flies that I tie, but life has gotten in the way. my new goal is to have other people have success on my patterns. I currently have 8 jam packed trout fly boxes on tour. From the Ruby River, to the Deschutes. My reward right now is the joy that Other folks get catching fish on my flies. If I can add to that then I feel like I have made an accomplishment. I would send you flies in a heartbeat. Just let me know your target species and I will send you something. It's my therapy!..!..
  5. I answered your call.... I guess that the flies I posted didn't quite stack up. Mayhap that is the reason "new blood" tyers don't feel comfortable posting here. I do miss SBPatt's fantastic ties and more importantly the way he provides SBS posts for the "new blood". (Westfly connection) Beyond that... neat little club the 6-8 of you have here.... Scott, I would love to connect with you again. I always had a ton of respect for you and learned a great deal from your posts over all of these years. I'm not sure how messaging works here but you can reach me at [email protected] Peace
  6. Greetings all, Here are a few reverse spider flies that worked well for sea run cut throat last week. Peace.
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