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  1. Sorry thought I had picture attached with original post. The formula had more to do with layering. Start by laying 2 inches of sheep hair to form core then adding some craft fur on top and then finished of with some sf to add some more. It’s not overly bulky, but shape isn’t quite right. Honestly im just horrific at tying but I have too much fun doing it.
  2. I made my first brush today trying to put together a small baitfish pattern. My formula was 2 inches Icelandic sheep hair core, 4 inches craft fur, and 6 inches of sf blend. I think I need to taper the craft fur a bit from the head of the brush the tail. Feedback would be awesome since Im a newbie. Note - the colors will probably catch fish but I just used some colors that I had plenty of because I knew Id make mistakes!
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