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  1. I did not scroll far enough my first time through. Just a brief introduction to this forum and its members. I am a science teacher, dad, husband, and avid angler living and fishing in Alaska. I am in Anchorage fishing for any thing that swims in non frozen water. Not much of an ice fisherman, but will fish in just about any other conditions. Transplanted to Alaska 6 years ago from Oregon. Learned to fish for trout, steelhead, and salmon in the 26 years that we lived there. Hope to learn what I can from people on this site. New to fly tying, but eager to learn and practice a new hobby.
  2. congratulations to you on this effort. I quit many years ago, before the price of smokes went through the roof. Keep up the good work.
  3. please allow me to introduce my self to this new forum. I am fairly new to fly tying and look forward to learning more about it from the members of this group. I live in Anchorage Ak, and live to fish. looking forward to being a member of this forum.
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