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  1. Hi everyone! I am new to fly tying. (Aside from a brief class that I took about 30 years ago in eighth grade.) I do a lot of other craft/art/miniature work, so I am fairly good with tiny objects and handling different materials such as thread, wire, fur, etc. And as a result of those other hobbies...I have a variety of materials already on hand. My question is: Is there anything that I need to be aware of when using "non-fly tying" materials? For example: is the chenille I have from the local craft store any different than the stuff marketed for tying flies? Is the thread any different than sewing/quilting/etc thread? Is there any reason I can't wax the thread to help with fraying like I do when I sew? (light coat of beeswax) I have lots of metallic and other threads/flosses/yarns that seem like they would be perfect for some of the fly patterns but I don't know if they have to have any certain properties to handle being in the water? And wire...can I use craft wire? I have all sorts of different colors and gauges. (but it's not lead) I also have a ton of different beads...do they have to be reamed out on one side to use for heads, or am I getting too complicated? Thanks for any tips/suggestions. I am excited to start this new hobby (obsession?). -Abby : )
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