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  1. just dropped this video on how to tie the halibut candy
  2. a halibut candy. Mark, yes, i know. There is bucktail, but you can't have a candy without bucktail. and yes it could use better lighting.
  3. A herring imitation. head is mangoany dubbing, top is wolf, and i think the bottom is ep fiber. tied with a gamagatsu bait hook, size 7/0
  4. I think there will be enough weight, knowing that I have a gamagatsu 6/0 and an owner 7/0 bait hooks. By the way, owner bait hooks are the best. But yeah, those are two heavy hooks. I needed something that doesn't bend easily. That's why I don't like eagle claw. Mike, a pike might bite it, but not much else in Alaska. Maybe some salmon and sheefish, but it's a big fly, meant for big species. If i made a smaller version, then that would work, but I don't have any smaller bait hooks.
  5. This is supposed to imitate an Alaskan Pollduck. About 6 1/2 inches long with a little bit of weight an the head. Top is muskox, and the bottom is white bucktail, both from mark knapp. the head is crawfish chennile
  6. about 7 inches long, not weighted
  7. thank you! Hey mark knapp, will that catch haulibut?
  8. I have made red tags before. I couldn't do a video on it because those things are so SMALL. I could not get my gopro to zoom in close enough. But wow, nice photo! better then I could do! Keep up the good work!
  9. a rockfish imitation for halibut! took me almost a half and hour to tie.
  10. Bro i am going to buy some ep fibers. How do you make them?
  11. So yeah there already has been a godzilla sighting this year
  12. What i thought about when i saw the word godzilla:
  13. how do you get it down on the bottom?
  14. das a reverse card from uno
  15. is this your channel flytire?\https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6aq7M5Epok46G7Cec_VMCg/videos
  16. question, does that mean egg patterns would work for grayling right now?
  17. mike, i'm sure you make memes of me, so:
  18. Yes, but i want to make one anyway
  19. I am going to be make a tip up for ice fishing soon. Any tips?
  20. isn't remington a gun brand. I always get those two confused.
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