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  1. 8wt, fast action, 9 foot remigton crosswater.
  2. not as good as steeldrifters's, but pretty good.
  3. Please post the link to your YouTube channel
  4. Nice! God those are big
  5. Kimo you need a fly tying youtube channel. I am sure everyone here will sub to you if you create one. I know I would.
  6. Yo, poopdeck, I was on facebook and I saw this group. Might help you out a little. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1631566483829634/
  7. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    we are using the same software! cool!
  8. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    What editor are your using?
  9. Thank you for the complement about the picture! It was a good pattern because a lot of fish hit it, but then I lost it. 🤦‍♂️ That was sad. Well at least I got a video of me tying it.
  10. Hey guys, an hour an a half is a lot, mainly because i still have to do school work. trust me, if i could tie for 8 hours i would.
  11. So, chugbug told me about the red tag, a classic gnat imitation. Now I am addicted to tying grayling flies. What are some other classic grayling flies?
  12. That is one small fish! Almost as small of a fish as this guy catches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHxrE27xmjw go to 24:00
  13. Mike, I think he's playing. Btw I thought that was a largemouth. I guess not. But yeah, it's pretty. And, he gave me an idea for a lure.
  14. Same here. I was fly tying non-stop for an hour and a half.
  15. So guys lets take a break from all the videos and stuff and lets talk about our all-time favorite flies. I want to assort fly boxes and sell them for my business, But there are some things I have no clue about, so what are your: Top 10 pike flies Top 10 Poppers for bass and pike Top 10 flies for panfish Top 10 dry flies for trout, char, and grayling I only have 6 but Mine are: grey dun size 16 elk hair caddis size 14 a tan variant of an adams size 14 yeager's neversink caddis size 16 or 18 Fran Better's usual size 14 mosquito size 16-20 Top 10 nymphs for trout, char, and grayling Top 10 streamers for trout, char, and grayling Top 10 saltwater flies
  16. All right, how about this, If i make a video that i think people will like, like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Au7oYuFv4bA&t=35s I will post it. Look in the comments. Not very often do I get that. Chugbug, The red tag will be my next video promise And yes, Mr. Knapp, and Poopdeck, I did tie it many times to get it right. 5 times to be exact. If I had some fly tying foam I would show you all how to tie a yeager's neversink caddis. Mark Knapp, In a PM you asked me to tie a stimulator, and I said I couldn't due to the incorrect hooks. Well, turns out I have some good hooks for the job. That will be the next video.
  17. he probably has a really good camera. Someday i will get one. Someday.
  18. i still want to post them fairly frequently. 2 videos a week?
  19. Oh, all right. Every other day?
  20. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIdIkp_uBiYEw-Pb4-BDBjw This guy is awesome.
  21. Btw who is steven spielberg?
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