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  1. This is a thread for chatting. This Coronavirus things makes life boring. People can't get together. But they can use the internet on the weekends (on weekdays kids are all on the internet doing online classes.)
  2. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    What was your biggest?
  3. OOF! That must suck. One time some head cement busted open and destroyed about 20 dollars worth of marabou. Also, getting super glue on your hands sucks. Been there, done that, don't want to do it again.
  4. If you want jigs i'll tye some up for you. I like tying jigs.
  5. TIER


    What should I get for my sister for a wedding gift? She doesn't like fishing, or any sporty stuff. Mabey a could carve an ornament. Help.
  6. Kimo, you are killing it with the nymphs.
  7. Trout sure are pretty. But, as much as I like trout fishing, nothing beats a nice, long fight with a salmon. But I also have never caught anything except a silver (or king, I can't remember) through the ice, so I would like to do that again. And, it looks like you can easily beat my PB trout. I wait for my parents to say I can go fishing with you.
  8. I actually had to look that up, never even heard of that before. Pretty cool looking fish. In an ugly sort of way. They're actually marine sculpins. One of the great trash fish of my youth fishing in Barnegat Bay when I was really fishing for snapper bluefish. (The other was blowfish.) Philly -- Who measures them? It was probably the biggest sea robin that I ever caught. So I measured it. I considered them trash fish, but I had read an article in a fishing magazine I get about "trash" fish which included sea robins and blow fish, and how to clean them and cook them up. So I kept this one. You get two nice fillets from them, but they are a pain to fillet. Dipped them in an egg mix, dredged them in a mix of fine corn meal and Wondra flour, fried them up. Nice firm white meat. Pretty tasty. Those look like irish lord! they're both sculpins, so that makes sense
  9. Yep, everybody is going to hate this video. But at least you can see the fly. By the way this is my first fly tying video. please don't hate to much, but if you enjoyed it PLZ give it a like and subscribe to my channel.
  10. Guys i made this webpage. Yes the pictures are from paint 3d, but who cares. https://how-to-tie-a-fly.bigbadboi.repl.co/
  11. Wow. Those are nice, man! It's rods with you, and knives with Mark Knapp. Someday i'll buy something from both of you.
  12. Thata what i'm trying to figure out, mike. How do I fix it?
  13. Okay guys, I just finished a batch of these terible looking shrimp patterns. Yeah, they look a little off. How do I improve them. I need them for rockfish.
  14. oh, i see. but thos would work for trout in the streams. How big do you make them.
  15. I see you're ready to hit the creeks this year.
  16. Hey guys! As you know there can be some big fish out there. This post is where you can share your PB (personal best) of and fish. It can be either on a fly or not on a fly. For me, my PB for trout on a fly is a tiny fish stick (10 inches), but on spinning gear my pb got all the way up to 17 inches. I know Mark would probably thing that's nothing, but for a pond that's 40x smaller than the lake he fishes at, that's pretty good. For grayling I got a 20 incher once (spinning). My pb for a fly is 16 inches. I caught it in the clearwater when there was snow on the ground. The weird thing was that they were blowing up on dry flies at 40 degrees. For halibut on spinning tackle I got a 82 pounder (Mark is probably laughing by now, because he caught a 92 pound halibut on a fly.) I'm not even going to tell you what my PB rockfish is because it's so small. I forgot what my pb cod is, i've never caught a flounder (everybody here is probably going to say "bruh"). My biggest silver salmon was a little over 2 feet long, and my biggest chum was 2 and a half feet long. I don't have have a pb bass, pike (yep i've never caught a pike before), lingcod, the list goes on and on. My goal for now is to catch a bass and a pike Hopefully i'll get the bass when I go to arizona.
  17. Man that's was a big trout in that last picture. How big was it?.
  18. Those look awesome, Kimo! Plz tell me how to tie that. That would be BEAST for trout.
  19. Here's a picture of my PB trout that she could try. I don't know if its a good one for blending colors, but it would be impressive if she could paint that.
  20. Mike, you have to know the right spot. He knows the good spots very well. One time I went fishing there, and didn't catch anything. I was in the wrong spot.
  21. So, i made a couple of lures today. I could have done better on the painting. This is supposed to be a bluegill. Lets just say I don't have the required paint. This is an in line spinner with horrible paint job of a perch. I actually made that a couple of months ago, but the paint was messed up. This is where I got the inspiration for the in line spinner.
  22. I agree with vicente. I want a lower profile for the trout on those picky days.
  23. A spinner I made. It was actualally pretty ez.
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