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  1. Those videos taught me de wea of the fly fisherman. PLZZZZZ DO A FLY TYING VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Kimo, I like the streamer. Keep it up! SB Patt, I loved the golden olive muddle bumble and the DW's Jucier. Keep it up, guys!
  3. I need a downrigger for fly fishing. Then I'll pay Steeldrifter to paint it. I'm thinking along the lines of artic colors :)
  4. Kimo, you are amazing as always on nymhs and emergers. I love the deer hair emerger. SB Patt, I like the fuzzy wuzzy, but don't you think that looks more like a bass fly? It's cool either way. Retrocarp, you're on fire!
  5. Man, that is good. I hope I will have those skills some day.
  6. TIER

    Hello Mark Knapp

    Good job mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been to his shop and seen his knives. They are amazing!
  7. Yeah it's definitely not my best, but certainly not my worst!
  8. Thanks! I am doing a catch clean cook video, and tommorow it will be realsed on youtube. Check me out on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN-RbcpQ8bRBcQ97rfjyZnA?view_as=subscriber !!!
  9. I have no clue what this does. it is heavey and has and alligator clip. And whats this?
  10. Kimo, The best fly tier i know. Nice fly, Kimo! What size of hook?
  11. Wow Kimo. That is amazing. I would say you are one of the best nymph fly tiers I know.
  12. IThe world record yellowfin was caught isn san benedicto island.
  13. It is a beautiful place. But it's not a perfect place. There was this kid who was following me around asking me nsfw things. If only I had a skiff.
  14. This thread is probably the only reason why I fly tie. I call it "Tan Girl Attractor" You know why. Don't judge. Just laugh.
  15. I can't wait for ice fishing. Hopefully my dad'll take me this weekend, or sometime in winter break. BTW We might be going to fairbanks this weekend. Did you see my other video?
  16. Remember this? I am trying to build up my channel. Plz like and subscribe.
  18. Here's the video I did on snaring the rabbit. Please like and subscribe!
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