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  1. I was bored today, so I decided to do some fly tying. I have a fly box that has two sides. One is for my nymphs and one is for my dry flies. The side with the nymphs has one row for streamers. As of right now I am trying to fill out my nymph side. I have room for 15 more nymphs. What are some good nymphs to tie on a size 12 standard hook? I already have some kind of a pheasant tail variant that I tied that kinda looks like a pheasant tail nymph, scuds, and some kind of midge nymph. 

  2. 5 hours ago, Steeldrifter said:

    Those are some real nice looking grayling.

    Thank you. I actually accidentally snagged an 18 incher he took off. I thought he was a 30 incher until I saw him go belly up when I pulled up. The hook popped out shortly after. 

  3. 6 hours ago, The Mad Duck said:

    18.5-19 Feet? That is a MONSTER Grayling. You will be in the Guinness Book!


    All kidding aside, looks like fun was had!

    Fun was had and the grayling due to my skills in telling fish stories was about 18.5-19 feet. 

  4. I had quite the adventure today. To start off the story I will start with yesterday, 5/28/21. I finally got a chance to fix up my favorite, and my only method of transportation I own other than my feet. I fixed my bike. After taking it for a 2 mile ride, then a 4 mile ride just because, I decided it was worthy of going to the clearwater river, which is about 6 1/2 miles. The next day (today, on 5/29/21) I committed to my decision. I embarked on the 6 1/2 mile journey and I made it to the river. I started out with a spinning rod with a wiggle tail on a jig head. I fished for around 50 minutes and these two fly fishermen start fishing near me (I honestly don't care if people do that) and they caught a grayling in the first 3 minutes. So, I decided to eat my MRE lunch (for some reason I like them) and rig up my my fly rod. I decided to do just that but for some reason I didn't catch anything. I had forgot my waders, which is a fatal mistake. But I didn't really care, because i am a freaking savage lol. I have my best luck on the other side of the river, but there is no bridge, so you have to wade. I decided to wet wade. Smart right? Mark Knapp has been to clearwater and he's probably cringing so hard right now. That river is spring fed, so that means it's going to be REALLY cold. And I mean ice cold. But I do dumb stuff like this all the time. So I crossed the river. There was a couple people fishing on the bank that I passed that saw I didn't have any waders, and they gave my the funniest look when they saw me on the other side. It was faster than usual, so the only fish I could catch were in my eddy. If you don't know what I am talking about, when you stand in a river you will make an eddy and at least in this river the fish will all get in your eddy to escape the current. You can literally drop your fly right next to you and catch one. Okay, I'll shut up. Here are the fish I caught.

    First one of the day. Trophy fish, around 18.5 -19 inches.


    A couple more I caught:




    I wish I could keep one.

    I got back to the opposite bank and walked back to my bike. And rode another 6.5 miles home. And a part of my route involves me going on an ATV trail. It's pretty wet here in Alaska, as per usual in Spring. And dirt + water=mud.  It's pretty apparent that's the case when you take a look at my bike.


    And yes, I named the file "ladiesifyouwantamudonthetiresguywelllooknofurther" 

    And if you look at my left pant leg you will see what happens to pant legs when they get caught in bike parts.

    Pretty good day, the grayling fought good on my new 5/6 wt. I might post a short video of this trip on my channel, but probably not.

    Have a nice day!


  5. Wow. wow wow wow wow wow. WOW. I am impressed with myself. Yesterdays run was at 7:29, and todays would be around the same, but I realized something. I wasn't literally wheezing at the end of that run. I've got into "Not too shabby" shape, and I forgot what it felt like to push myself to the limit. So I decided to run really fast to see what would happen. I thought I would get around 7:00-7:10, but no. I hit my stopwatch at the end of my run, and yes, I was basically wheezing, and I looked at my watch in amazement. I had 6:45! Getting closer to the standard of 6:29!

  6. You are completely dropping masks? I know I'm not. I am keeping my wind buff for Delta Junction weather while fishing. Ohhhhhhhh we are talking about masks for covid yah in delta no one cares. 

    And I am observing a lot of talk about vaccines. For me, that's a big no. There's just no reason for me. Both of my parents are fully vaccinated, there is less then a 1 percent chance I will die, and all the people that I generally hang out with in Delta are my two 15 year old friends, and I have a 17 year old friend in Valdez.

    And this is not a 1 year event. According to actual science, pandemics will happen every 100 years. In the 1720s it was the plague, in the 1820s it was chorea, in the 1920s it was the bubonic plague, and in 2020 as you all know it's COVID 19. 

  7. 29 minutes ago, mikechell said:

    I'm guessing the ...  Metolius River !!!

    Did I win?  What do I get?

    Good luck.  I hope you catch something that doesn't live in Alaska.

    Ding Ding Ding!


    Your prize is a pass to pat yourself on the back!

    Sadly there is nothing that you can't find, but the Metolius River is apparently is really good fishing for trout. And big trout at that.

  8. I am actually glad I am not in Alaska right now. When I left there was still ice on the lakes, but not enough to ice fish on, nor enough to open water fish. The burbot in the tanana would have to navigate through a bunch of ice to get to my baits, and there are no grayling in the rivers yet. Small fish is better than no fish, which is why I am happy to be here in oregon right now.

  9. 3 hours ago, feathers5 said:

    You sure worked for that one, nice.

    I sure did! I actually walked for a mile in the wrong direction because my stupid map was VERY incorrect, so I walked back a mile found this road, decided to follow it and I FINNALLY after an hour of walking though mud, cursing at my map, and getting rained on i was finally ready to fish

  10. 2 hours ago, Jaydub said:

    Glad you got to get out and fish. I don't know if your still in the area, but If you like those little Bluegill you'd like St. Louis Ponds. They are about 30 miles south of Tigard just off of I5. They are full of small Bluegill with a few bigger. They also have some Bass that are bigger than what was in your vid. The ponds were created when they were digging gravel for highway projects. They have unique shapes with many long arms. Sometimes it's hard to tell exactly which pond you fishing in.

    i was fishing in progress qurry pond



    I know what you are going to say, but I was visiting family and I did a little side fishing. Fishing was NOT the point of this trip. But it is nice to get some new species. And test the water temp.

    I hope you enjoy this video, and if you do please hit that like button. Also Please subscribe to the channel and comment on the video to help the algorithm recommend it to other people so my channel can grow. Thank you!

  12. 1 minute ago, niveker said:

    I was going to make a sarcastic comment about travelling all the way from AK to OR and only catching dinks 'til I realized you don't have those guys up there.  

    Nice job, they are a boatload of fun, even the little guys. 

    If i had the choice i would hit montana or minnisota for musky

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