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    Fish Pictures

    I am in oregon rn and i got these guys yesterday My first green sunfish and my first lower 48 fish My first Largemouth Bass More fish: I caught one more but didn't take a picture of it. But it's in my next youtube video so keep an eye out for it.
  2. cohos like everything you tie. chinkooks are challenging on the fly rod. coho are easier to catch
  3. BTW if you somehow get the chance for dolly varden they like smaller stuff like eggs and nymphs i have found
  4. if the river you are fishing is anywhere in the intiorior there probably won't be dollies. Now that is a very opposite case for grayling. They are in every river it seems like. Grayling like Adams, black gnats, blue duns, red tags, San Juan worms (Old reliable), prince nymphs, woolly buggers, hares ear nymphs, anything that looks buggy. You are on the right track
  5. I actually ran 3.75 miles nonstop and it actually lowered my time. Now, i like to run 1 mile as fast as possible, then jog back and I shave a good hunk of time off my run that way. I would actually be running a lot more, but i sadly don't have enough time to do that. With my schedule I can do 1 hour tops a day. Now, when summer rolls around I will have more time, but i will still be making as many videos as possible, and studying for AP classes. But, my dad has to do a LOT of work in delta this summer, and Delta is very spread out. The nearest fishing spot is 6 miles away. I don't think my mom or dad will want to take me every day, so I am going to be doing the commute on bike. Biking 12 plus miles and running for 1-2 miles will be a lot of PT. Another thing to think about is I am 14. I am in the prime of my life, and that's the main reason why I am taking a lot of time off my run. @Poopdeck I actually try to do that every day, but sometimes you need to take a step back and work another section of the body. Doing it every day is actually pretty bad for your body.
  6. Well i ran today and for 1 mile i got 7 minutes and 32 seconds not bad
  7. are you making grayling flies? If you are blus duns are the best dry fly in my opinion
  8. TIER

    oregon steelhead

    Okay, thank you. Any spots for Crappie?
  9. hey everyone james here. No advice is better than advice from people the have been to the area that you want to fish, and know how to catch them. But, sometimes when you are hungry for knowledge and no one has anything to give to you it can be frustrating. That's when I usually turn to a website called FishBrain. I use it a lot when I can't find any advice on where to fish. If you don't want to pay for anything the free version is all you need. The free version is this big map with blue marks, and those blue marks are all where people have caught fish. I am going to Oregon (Tigard and Newburg area) and I wanted to catch a Steelhead, but no one knew any spots, so I turn to fishbrain and now I am confident that I have a good chance of connecting with a few. Here is the link: Fishing App and Fishing Tools | Fishbrain Enjoy and tight lines.
  10. I would not recommend single hooks if you are going for kings. Also, never, and I mean NEVER use barbless hooks. It's hard enough to keep them on with barbed hooks. happy birthday!
  11. TIER

    oregon steelhead

    Whelp i am going to oregon on may 2nd (Yayyyyyyyy). I have to be around portland so i'm going to bring some military grade body armor and an ar 15. all jokes aside i'll mostly be in tigard and newburg and i am hoping to do some steelhead fishing. does anyone know any spot for that. I will only be bringing my baitcasting rod because it's the most compactable, so i will be using spinning gear. Also, what are some other spots for bass, crappie, ect.?
  12. TIER

    Burbot fishing

    Imma use my 6 foot 6 inch Ugly Stik. Here are the details. The rod is made out of graphite sadly. And I am bad at picture taking. Here is my Cemar C-30 reel with 20 lb test braid. Here is my rig. 4 ounce weight, hook with a 3/4ths inch gap (That's a legal hook), and 30 pound test line. That's my setup for you
  13. TIER

    Burbot fishing

    It's that time again when the Tanana river has thawed up (Sorry, no pictures.) I was riding back from Fairbanks to Delta yesterday, and along the way we cross the bridge. On the way to Fairbanks at sometime around 9 in the morning. The shore closest to Delta was fishable, but the shore opposite to delta still had some shelf ice. While in Fairbanks the temperature went way up to 55 degrees and on the way back to Delta the opposite side was now fishable. And It's only getting warmer, so you know what that means. Fishing. Sorry, no fly fishing but still fishing. The reason why there will be no fly fishing is I am fishing for burbot. So that means big, bare hooks, bait 4 ounce weights, and a fairly big rod. I'll keep you updated on the burbot season.
  14. babies are ticking time bombs. Especially on planes
  15. I will keep that in mind. Thank you for the advice
  16. Okay, I will try weights. But i need the running now. I am ranking pretty high in CAP and my current time running will not make the cut in PT
  17. TIER

    Song of the day

    Okay this is a radio but it is SUPER good for studying. lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to - YouTube Also if you just want to relax and read a book or something than this is PERFECT for you I am a religious listener to this radio enjoy!
  18. OMG i know right? I did a triatholon and after that I was COOKED
  19. my freind who is only 1 year older than me can do 7:55. I did 9 minutes because i was running on a road and there was ice and traffic and I was trying not to die
  20. OOOOf I just looked at the PT requirements for the AFA. 81 situps in a row (I once tried to do as many as I could and I stopped at 300 Because I was bored.). But the push ups tho. 62 push ups in a row. And the 1 mile run is required to be 6:29
  21. those flies don't look Russian enough. Drink more Vodka, comrade. Dear FBI agent that's spying on me, This is a joke, I have never drank Vodka before. Plz don't kick down my door. Thank you, James
  22. I have a hero 8, and it's awesome.
  23. TIER


    不不不不不不不 Don't worry, my dad knows that I think he is WAY to strict. That's how military parents are. But that whole hairball thing is a good idea!
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