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  1. 13 minutes ago, denduke said:

    Mark, hope you don’t mind if you got time. What are some spoons, spinners, plugs, lures for salmon up the rivers?   I got non flyfishers in my group.   Thanks.  I can google it too but everything is better from the “horse’s mouth”

    Vibraxs and Kodiak customs for spinners, and if you want a deadly salmon lure use the neon green and orange, size 5 vibrax. I use that lure all the time, and trust me it works well. For spoons, use Pixies. For other lures, I've heard that wiggle warts are good. And topwater doesn't work very well for river fishing for salmon. 

  2. Okay, so I changed my Fly tying channel to an everything channel. Skits, Video Games, Fail compilations, Ect. Here is the first Skit/ video i have ever made. And trust me, I know what having a military parent is like, my dad is one.

    Pretty please with cherries on top subscribe to the channel, give the video a like, and comment on the video because it will help spread the channel out to more people. Thank you, and you all have a good day. Enjoy!

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhh king salmon. Use big spey flies, preferably with some chartreuse as a tail and a dark body. And dolly llamas with still work for kings, because those flies are the best for salmon. If you don't know what a dolly llama is you should definitely look it up. They are VERY good. as for the flies you tied, I don't think they would hit topwater, but everything else looks good.

  4. The bottom fly on your last post is a egg sucking leech, which is legendary. The smaller flies don't work very well for saltwater. Mabey in freshwater, though. Here are some other suggestions: Marabou flies, bucktail flies, Clouser minnows, and dolly llamas. Where are you going to and what species of salmon are you fishing for?


  5. The middle one would work really well for hot, sunny days for grayling. the one on the right and the one on the left look the same, except the one on the left looks like it has grizzly hackle. I think the one on the left would work on overcast days for grayling. I have not had much luck with brighter colored flies for trout; I think they like darker colors in the pond I fish. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Steeldrifter said:

    First pic is my latest gun/build. Pardner pump 12g with shortened barrel, tactical hunting rear adjustable synthetic stock and matching front pistol grip. Picatinny mount with LED light on pressure switch.



    2nd pic is some of my long guns. By far my favorite is the lower right rifle. It's a Winchester Centennial 66 which is a 30/30 lever action rifle with heavy octagon barrel and walnut stocks. That gun was given to me by my father before he passed and it was originally a 2nd anniversary gift from my Mom to my Dad in 1966. I'm the only person to have ever fired that gun. I have no kids of my own but I have it in my will to be handed down to my Nephew when I pass on.



    After I get out of the air force i am going to start gun building it seems cool. Those are some nice rifles. Nice fish on your wall, too!

  7. @mikechell Those are nice guns! I like AR 15s because they are so versatile. You can hunt all the kinds of deer, and plus furbearing animals like coyotes. The glock 23 will be my go to pistol for concealed carry when I turn 21. It is small, but powerful at 40 cal. I can use it for defense against wildlife and human attackers.


  8. This thread is for my next favorite thing from fishing. Guns. This thread is for any gun related stuff. Memes, cursed gun images, technical stuff, ect. 

    I'll start. This is the gun of 2020:


    And if you are wondering what a cursed gun image is, you asked for it...

    See the source image

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