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  1. HOW THE HECK DO YOU CATCH THOSE BIG FISH???????? I have been trying at Quartz lake twice this year and the biggest i caught was a 15 inch silver!
  2. BUCKET LIST fish caught while ICE FISHING!!! - YouTube Today i caught some rainbows, silver salmon, and king salmon. Still no char. Dang it. But at least i caught something. And by the way you can handle fish without hurting them with leather gloves. Also some people say my gloves won't work for Alaska but the actually have 3/4 inches of fleece lining under the leather. And they are water proof. Please like the video and subscribe to the channel. Thank you!!!
  3. AFROTC is my alternative acadamy
  4. as @denduke said, USAFA doesn't have much acceptance because you need a congressman to just allow you to apply. I also am in the air force auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol and I currently rank as a Master Sergeant. I am very close to being a senior master sergeant. once you hit 2nd lieutenant (I am 3 ranks way from) you get a easier way to USAFA. I am hoping it's easier to get into with that under my belt.
  5. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I focus on important stuff i meant
  6. already do that. I work out 5 times a week and do lots of school, plus do coding for the website i am creating. I am doing it all from html css and js no website maker. And when I want to I focus.
  7. The thing that's there for me is a collage more elite than harvard. The US Air Force Academy. If you complete it (that's a HUGE if) you go out as an officer. That means better pay and jobs.
  8. I know exactly where i am going to try to go when I turn 18, I don't care if the fishing's good. Colorado. More specifically just north of colorado springs.
  9. I probably am going where ever the air force tells me to. Hopefully it's somewhere not in alaska it's to cold here.
  10. I honestly sometimes don't care about the temperature. Yesterday i didn't have a shirt on for some reason but I went out in 20 degrees to take the trash out without a shirt. The annoying things is vehicles hate the temps, and also the wind makes drifts taller than 9 feet tall sometimes. and by the way, If you are wondering why is so warm here 1. people like to make Alaska seem like the coldest place on earth and 2. I live on a hill, it's much warmer up here than on the flat part of delta. I am the same way about being warm. Another reason i like warmer weather is because i like open water fishing. While it's cool and all, ice fishing is not my favorite thing to do. Don't get me wrong, I like ice fishing, I just prefer open water.
  11. It's 5 degrees and windy here. it's 60 degrees there. I also think the saltwater fishing is better. Yes we have halibut, but 1. they barley put up a fight, and 2. this might sound weird but I just don't like eating halibut. I like red meat like salmon. And there are a lot of big saltwater fish. Here are some vids from a youtuber I watch. MASSIVE Dolphin Fish!! Biggest I've Ever Seen! - YouTube Monster Yellowfin Tuna!! - YouTube Searching for Giant Cobia and Monster Snapper Fishing, Catch N Cook - 4K - YouTube
  12. I have been playing piano for 6 or 7 years and here is my latest piece that I have been working on, Dream by imagine dragons. A piano cover of Dream by Imagine Dragons - YouTube Here is the original song. Dream - YouTube
  13. I and the moose are not scared of each other. This was taken on a military base, he's used to people
  14. If it don't have any harming animals, guns, ect. it is not made for kids. If i click made for kids I could get a strike on my channel. 3 strikes and your channel is deleted.
  15. I guess fishing isn't for kids according to youtube they're pretty dumb
  16. not the newer one. There was one titled 10 SUBSCRIBER SPEICIAL or something like that
  17. but i marked it not for kids
  18. ice fishing. Just ice fishing.
  19. TIER

    Cabin build

    my dad has one. He says that's why it can hold a 8 round mag
  20. TIER

    Cabin build

    Or I can just wait until I'm 21 and get one of these.
  21. It's super blurry, but I saw this guy 2 summers ago
  22. Seriously? A while back I did a video celebrating 10 subscribers. It was taken down because it "Violates our Child safety policy". Whelp, RIP to my channel if they keep this up.
  23. TIER

    Cabin build

    There aren't many bears here.
  24. when are you going back to quartz?
  25. hey mark, some kid figured out my instagram and started flooding my DMS (messaging system) with how I only caught rainbows. I proved him they weren't rainbows and he started saying they are kokanee. Is that true? Also could you include how many years you have been fishing at quartz lake so I can screenshot this and send this to him?
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