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  1. BUCKET LIST fish caught while ICE FISHING!!! - YouTube

    Today i caught some rainbows, silver salmon, and king salmon. Still no char. Dang it. But at least i caught something. And by the way you can handle fish without hurting them with leather gloves. Also some people say my gloves won't work for Alaska but the actually have 3/4 inches of fleece lining under the leather. And they are water proof. Please like the video and subscribe to the channel. Thank you!!!

  2. 4 hours ago, denduke said:

    This topic took a right turn...

    First, Tier good luck with your effort.  Prolly have advantage over the rest of your generation.  But AirForceAcademy gonna be a tough deal unless you have alum relatives, Congress men to write letters and it’s crazy competitive acceptance   

    There is another alternative.  ROTC is offered in whole lotta schools and scholarships available.  I had buddies that used it.  Back in late 60s a lotta land grant universities required ROTC  for first 2 years.  People that “went advanced” the last 2,years after graduation became 2nd Lieutenants that served 2 years active duty, 4 years reserve.   My first roommate majored in physics and became a weather man in the USAF.  Others went army..   I didn’t have good enough grades and prolly wouldn’t pass pilot physical.  Disappointed my career USAF officer dad.  Many got their private pilot license while in school too. Don’t have to go pilot route though.  It was a special time back then   Vietnam was full blown.  After I graduated I got drafted ( lottery #71outa 365) but lucked up and failed the physical!   

    Anyway something to check into...Good luck!


    AFROTC is my alternative acadamy

  3. 5 hours ago, Poopdeck said:

    actually Harvard is more elite (based on acceptance rates and academic rankings) but I'll let you take that up with us news and world reports. 

    Nonetheless a very lofty and worthy goal. Air Force has an 11% acceptance rate. That means it's extremely difficult to get into so how are you going to seperate yourself from the other 89%. SAT scores is just one area you will have to ace as well as athletics, volunteerism, straight A's in advance placement classes. Your personal physical fitness only comes into play after acceptance. Time to get cracking. It's a great goal and I'm wishing you the best.

    as @denduke said, USAFA doesn't have much acceptance because you need a congressman to just allow you to apply. I also am in the air force auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol and I currently rank as a Master Sergeant. I am very close to being a senior master sergeant. once you hit 2nd lieutenant (I am 3 ranks way from) you get a easier way to USAFA. I am hoping it's easier to get into with that under my belt.

  4. 16 minutes ago, mikechell said:

    You better start doing two things.  Exercise and your body and exercise your brain.  All the military academies are harder to get through than any civilian university or college.  You have to have discipline, physical stamina and the ability to apply yourself to your studies more than anywhere else in the world.

    If I'm not mistaken, you've got to rank pretty high, nationally, when you graduate from high school, too.  The admittance criteria are incredibly difficult.  Don't wait until you're a year out and think you can get in shape that quickly.  Knuckle down and get to improving yourself ... now!

    already do that. I work out 5 times a week and do lots of school, plus do coding for the website i am creating. I am doing it all from html css and js no website maker. And when I want to I focus.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Mark Knapp said:

    Now I know your priorities are screwed up. What's there for ya? I think the fishing is pretty good there though.

    The thing that's there for me is a collage more elite than harvard. The US Air Force Academy. If you complete it (that's a HUGE if) you go out as an officer. That means better pay and jobs.

  6. I honestly sometimes don't care about the temperature. Yesterday i didn't have a shirt on for some reason but I went out in 20 degrees to take the trash out without a shirt. The annoying things is vehicles hate the temps, and also the wind makes drifts taller than 9 feet tall sometimes. and by the way, If you are wondering why is so warm here 1. people like to make Alaska seem like the coldest place on earth and 2. I live on a hill, it's much warmer up here than on the flat part of delta. I am the same way about being warm. Another reason i like warmer weather is because i like open water fishing. While it's cool and all, ice fishing is not my favorite thing to do. Don't get me wrong, I like ice fishing, I just prefer open water.

  7. It's 5 degrees and windy here. it's 60 degrees there. I also think the saltwater fishing is better. Yes we have halibut, but 1. they barley put up a fight, and 2. this might sound weird but I just don't like eating halibut. I like red meat like salmon. And there are a lot of big saltwater fish. Here are some vids from a youtuber I watch.

    MASSIVE Dolphin Fish!! Biggest I've Ever Seen! - YouTube

    Monster Yellowfin Tuna!! - YouTube

    Searching for Giant Cobia and Monster Snapper Fishing, Catch N Cook - 4K - YouTube

  8. 10 minutes ago, Mark Knapp said:

    You are the one that clicked it wasn't for kids. Either I am confused or you are. I guess I understand after SDs comment.

    If it don't have any harming animals, guns, ect. it is not made for kids. If i click made for kids I could get a strike on my channel. 3 strikes and your channel is deleted.

  9. 13 minutes ago, Steeldrifter said:

    Yup, agree with all of the above. Really the only way around it is to click "Video is not made for children" when you upload it and then you don't have to worry about it.  The problem for you though TIER is you are a minor so that means it's not made for you even though you made it. Catch .22

    but i marked it not for kids

  10. 11 minutes ago, Steeldrifter said:

    12g with first round being buck shot and rest backed by slugs, plus a .44 side arm would be my choice. Dem dar'bears up yonder be big'uns! Might just piss him off with that .40 Glock 😁

    my dad has one. He says that's why it can hold a 8 round mag

  11. 37 minutes ago, mikechell said:

    Guide to a young couple that wants to wander the wilderness on their own:  "Be sure to carry pepper spray and wear bells, in case you wander into bear territory."

    Young couple:  "How will we know if we're in bear territory?"

    Guide: "You look for signs.  Bear scat is pretty easy to spot."

    Young couple:  "How do you recognize bear crap?"

    "Easy.  It'll smell like pepper spray and have bells in it."

    There aren't many bears here.

  12. 44 minutes ago, Mark Knapp said:

    Generally, the word Kokanee is used (in the lower 48) to mean land locked red (sockeye) salmon. We don't have any red salmon, our state only stocks Kings (Chinooks) and Silvers (Coho) salmon.

    In my 37 years fishing Quarts lake I have caught all four species in the lake lots of times, we call that a Quartz Lake slam (Rainbow, Char, Silvers and Kings). This year we have already caught and released about 280 fish through the ice. We haven't caught any char yet this year, they seem to be the most elusive where we fish.

    when are you going back to quartz?


  13. 7 minutes ago, Mark Knapp said:

    Good job James. I'm not going to knit pick you to death about foggy lenses and cameras pointed at nothing. I appreciate the moose shots, that was a nice touch. I also appreciate that you didn't do a lot of hollering on the ice.

    By now you probably know that the regs allow a total of ten fish per day including all four species in the lake, silvers, kings, char and rainbows. Only one over 18 inches.

    If you ever see me at my motor home or fish house there, stop and say hi.

    hey mark, some kid figured out my instagram and started flooding my DMS (messaging system) with how I only caught rainbows. I proved him they weren't rainbows and he started saying they are kokanee. Is that true? Also could you include how many years you have been fishing at quartz lake so I can screenshot this and send this to him?

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