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  1. Nice! You are going to be eating well
  2. My sister and bro in law are there, I might tell them to go catch some fish.
  3. TIER

    I just hit 1 year

    As of today I have been at youtube for 1 year Thank you guys so much for your support!
  4. @Peartree you are going to be eating good!!
  5. TIER

    2020 MEMES

    If i get covid i won't be saying inside the WHOLE time.
  6. Man, the ice was like 5 feet thick last year. Maybe it will get thicker.
  7. TIER

    2020 MEMES

    agreed now that i think about it. Thank you for moving it!
  8. TIER

    2020 MEMES

    This thread is for memes of fly fishing, sping fishing, ice fishing, fly tying, and bassialy anything fishing related. The software i use to make my memes is https://imgflip.com/memegenerator i'll start.
  9. They sometimes get to the 200s but normally they would be around 100-175 dollars, tipiclly at 125. We sadly don't have grey foxes here.
  10. zug bug is good. you could use a prince nymphs, too.
  11. yes we are talking about to bottle set. a am using some REALLY stinky halibut bait. I can tell it is a marten den because I see lots of marten tracks going into it. I will try to post pictures in a bit
  12. I didn't get anything first check. I set the trap right next to it's den. It didn't even touch it. What did i do wrong? Do i need lure?
  13. all politics aside, me and my friend are planning a hunt for deer soon, and i am really exited!!!!
  14. Sorry James, I am compelled to delete political stuff.
  15. oh god yeah! Nice bucks! Also nice moose! I need to shoot one of those suckers.
  16. that's good! I just set a trap today. hopefully in a few days there will be a marten
  17. How is your hunt going @Mark Knapp ?
  18. yeah good thing the dog was caught by the foot and not the muzzle.
  19. did i tell you the story of the dog that was caught in my rabbit snare?
  20. you use boxes for snares? Btw i am not allowed to use traps for some reason
  21. thank you so much for the advice
  22. here is a short video of the valdez small boat harbor.
  23. Hey! thats a good idea! thank you!
  24. Here are my 3 wood indicators And here is one of my many foam indicators. will any of these work? I am also thinking I should paint them vibrant colors so I can see them better.
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