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    Weekend goals??

    i was going to build some more wooden indicators but i am just really tired.
  2. It's fairly simple, all you have to do for trout is use dry flies, and sometime a nymph under the dry. When it's raining a like to use small streamers. In clear water use black and olive and in brown water use white. In blue, of course us chartreuse
  3. This thread is kind of like the monthly flies from the vise thread. There are some of you the hunt and trap, and this is the place the post pics of the animals you've trapped/ shot this season. Also if you need advice this is also a good place to ask questions. I don't have any pics, but i have a question. So i am cutting off the tops of bottles and making slices where the snare goes for marten. so it basically looks like this. how do you get the human scent off of the plastic bottle?
  4. I am not allowed to use a multi hook setup in the river I fish. and i normally do long casts to get to the fish so i can't see the leader move.
  5. TIER

    Weekend goals??

    I think i will get ready for trapping season Today is opening day.
  6. I honestly don't have any clue what kind of foam i have. I'll try to post pictures of a couple of the ones I made.
  7. So, I have some foam (not fly tying foam) at my house, and I was wondering if it would be possible to make indicators out of them?
  8. TIER

    Weekend goals??

    What are you weekend goals? mine's tying five dry flies, five nymphs, and five eggs. I might get to work on a swimbait lure because I am going to Texas in December. How about you?
  9. I saw these vids and i though of this thread
  10. Hey Moderators, could you please make a lure building sub forum. I know some people one this site do make lures, and it would be great to have a place to put all of our work. Thank you!
  11. Nobody gets my humor and i KNOW you didn't just call me Mark
  12. come up here and i will help you
  13. Hey guys, I really need some advice on fly fishing for salmon. I caught my first salmon on a fly rod last July fishing for red salmon in Eyak River, Cordova. I loved how it took off every chance it got. But, I haven't caught one since. I have almost all the salmon, Chums, pinks, silvers, kings, and reds. If you have anything knowledge of how to catch any of these fish, please tell me. P.S. I will be fishing for spawning silver salmon, and I always have problems with catching them. What are the best patterns for them? P.S.S How and when do you get them to hit on top?
  14. I will post the link to the video when it is posted.
  15. There will be a new video dropping 4:15 PM Alaskan Time, in one hour. This video will, of course, be on my channel, Alaskaboy TV. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN-RbcpQ8bRBcQ97rfjyZnA?view_as=subscriber Stay tuned! This video will be me fishing in Ruth Pond, Valdez, Alaska. I caught some smaller fish, but I also got a few good sized ones, too. Enjoy!
  16. I use swivels on salmon in Valdez. But they are more for spinning rods in my experience
  17. I think Talkeetna is on the way to tok from delta. Never been the though. This video was shot over 150 miles away from home on the road to valdez. You should go to valdez in mid September at the peak of the silver run. 2 hour limits baby!
  18. Hey guys, sorry i haven't been on here in a while, been busy with school and fishing and stuff. Here's a video where I fished a small creek for grayling and lake trout. No lake trout, but plenty of grayling. I was at the Gulkana River BTW for people who want to fish there too. Yes, I know, in one of the clips I held my rod a little to high. sorry.
  19. I am fishing robe river, valdez. I saw them eating, but I couldn't make out what they were eating. I don't go there often, because i need a ride there. What are some good flesh flies?
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