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  1. I’m still working on a few, you want something like a sexy shad pattern?
  2. I’ve been using liquid fusion on my baitfish flies
  3. Just look up any ep fiber tutorial, it’s very simple
  4. Baby bass EP fibers colored in with sharpie markers
  5. I think I’ll try a baby bass baitfish pattern
  6. This is definitely a swap that needs to be ran again!
  7. This may be the sexiest box of flies I’ve ever seen! Awesome job everyone! Thanks for hosting DarellP!
  8. Do you guys have any luck coloring your holographic tinsel with sharpies? Trying to find a cheaper way to add some color to my nymphs without buying whole spoils of different colors
  9. Awesome man! Thanks for the pic! Maybe on my next swap I host, I can tie you some extras
  10. Beautiful set, thanks guys! And thanks for hosting
  11. Sorry ab that, hope it wasn’t too much of a pain
  12. Good mix of tyers on this one!
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