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  1. I tie hairwing flies myself, it’s the feather wing that gets too expensive and out of my league
  2. Does anyone tie and sell the classic wetfly salmon and steelhead flies? If so how much?
  3. I thought I included it in your first PM from me.  No problem -

    Kim Bowman

    505 Richards Rd

    Camillus  NY  13031

    I look forward to seeing these in person!


  4. I’ll give it a shot this year! Trout flies
  5. I’m in, does the Fly Tyer pattern bible count?
  6. The next swap you host or I host , I’ll mail The wings back with it, if I can bag anymore by then
  7. I think I’ll match these up for a wet fly, just trying to think of ideas for the body, throat and tail
  8. I’ll be glad to send you some wings next time I get a few
  9. Has anyone ever tied with mourning dove feathers? We hunt a lot of dove around here and I’ve always wanted to try some out, any ideas or pictures would be a big help here is a good pair I plucked from a recent hunt
  10. These classic swaps have to be my favorite......classic steelhead, classic buck tail etc.., love all the color combos that come with it
  11. Got you in the Nymphs Swap.  Glad to see you in again!  Let me know your pattern when you get a chance.  Thanks.


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