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  1. Mailing tomorrow, thanks for hosting!
  2. Mine will go to the post tomorrow morning, so sorry everyone, I completely lost track of this one
  3. No need to give your spot up bc I was late, I can wait and see what happens
  4. Put me on standby if anyone drops out didn’t see this one
  5. I’m in, got a lot of squirrel I need to thin out !
  6. If muskyflyguy isn’t in I’d like a spot if I’m not too late
  7. Mine are in the mail, thanks for hosting Kim!
  8. Remainder of the flies have been shipped, thank you all for participating!
  9. Had a small problem at the post office, their computer is down, I only sent the packages that had a tracking label on them, I will try and send the rest ASAP
  10. Cencalfly’s second set arrived today, I’ll add those to the sets and hopefully get them out tomorrow or Monday
  11. Oops, they will always be Oakland to me😁
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