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  1. Found this cool video on how to make 3D eyes for baitfish patterns https://youtu.be/8KcPrMdQCcU
  2. DarrellP and samsonboi, your in, 6 spots left!
  3. TIER, vicrider, vicente and mikemac1 you guys are all in, thanks for giving this one a shot! 8 spots left!
  4. Ok guys, I pushed it back to Jan 2 that will be 6 weeks
  5. Absolutely TIER, and Ive got you down!
  6. This swap will be for any baitfish pattern you can think of any size fresh or saltwater, examples include hair minnows, EP minnows, SF minnows or pretty much any hairlike material you can think of, just be creative. Deadline will be for Jan 2. Thanks to all who participate! SM - Johnw1986 - finished 1. TIER 2. vicente - received 3. vicrider - received 4. mikemac1 - received 5. DarrellP - received 6. samsonboi - received 7. Crackleback - received 8. wmw4 - received 9. dogfacedoc - received 10. Shmang - received 11. Bruce Derington - received 12. petelangevin - received That makes it full!
  7. Flies are ready for the mail, fishingbobnelson could you PM me address please? I never saw one on the thread, thanks
  8. Post pics of your best nymph, beadhead patterns any color or pattern will do
  9. Thanks for hosting dubs, please let me know if I owe you any postage or anything, thanks
  10. Almost finished with my bakers dozen, will try to get thin in the mail within the next couple days, thank you Dubs for hosting this one
  11. Lets see some pics of your best bucktail streamer color patterns
  12. Hopefully mines not too small, Im doing a sexy shad streamer, just ordered hooks today
  13. Any room left? Im in if room allows
  14. Was delighted to find my flies in the mail today, along with a field and stream issue, great job everybody good bag of lots of colors!
  15. Those are actually 1/64 #8 sickle I bought on eBay, they do look like 1/32 but they said it was 1/64, hope they arent too big, was hoping they were smaller, first time tying ultralight jigs
  16. Finished mine last night, got them in the mail today!
  17. Anyone know of a good banana spider pattern or have they ever tried to imitate one? Any pictures or ideas would be great! This would be a killer fly for black water redbreast
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