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  1. Mine shipped 11/1, I’m sorry for the delay, hopefully they get there today. I checked the tracking, it says they are close, Syracuse NY
  2. Got mine to the PO today, fingers crossed, it was a month late last time
  3. My two sets will be a popsicle and one that I came up with using braided line for the body
  4. I’m done with my second dozen, Since the post decided to lose my first dozen, I’ll get them out tomorrow, sorry everyone for the delay
  5. Just ordered my salmon hooks, I sure hope we can fill it up, this has been such an awesome swap in the past
  6. Well mine shipped on 8-20, it says on usps tracking that it is arriving late, I hope it arrives at all
  7. Knocked the last of my two patterns out today, will get them out this week! thanks for hosting atxdiscgolfer!
  8. Mine went in the mail today, thanks for hosting Kim!
  9. My golden stones will go postal today or tomorrow
  10. Just got mine to the PO still haven’t named it, just a little something a threw together with peacock hurl and some nice looking poly braid string
  11. I hope so bc so far mine has a bead plus 2 materials
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