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    I'll admit I tried one a little over 20 years ago. I thought some of the "sounds" it made were peaceful/pleasant/relaxing (I think that the audio was the best part). I told my dad I felt silly sitting in front of the computer waiting for the fish to bite! : ) It was just as realistic though as "computer golf". It was amusing for a day or two, and it was free software. Surely they have improved the software by now. I might check it out now just to see some nice trout streams! I definitely woudn't be interested in a "Minecraft" (i.e. pixelated) version.
  2. I wasn't aware of this. Will you name one or two organizations with this "vision", just to bring me up to speed? Please think "freshwater", since the other seems more inherently political (fishing nets, dolphins, etc.)
  3. Here in Indiana, folks are sort of encouraged to enjoy the parks, while maintaining "safe distancing". However, they have put locks on some of the basketball hoops (honest!) and many (all?) of the playgrounds for kids are closed. You can probably still play tennis, and surely you can fish. Bill
  4. This one's not too hard for me..."anything without wings"! : ) I can handle wings, wet or dry, but you asked for my preference. I'd rather tie a bass bug than a #16 Adams, though some folks have admired the one's I have tied. I recently picked up some olive-colored deer hair I want to try. If I lived near waters with trout, I'd probably develop more of an affinity for smaller flies.
  5. Thank you! I don't think there is a trout within 100 miles of me now, but I am going after some and I appreciate your "lesson". Bill
  6. Thank you. I used a 1-by-6 that I bought on sale at Menards, which was labeled "Maple". I had a question about "hard maple versus soft maple" and I just looked it up and learned that "soft maple is a term used to describe several species, mainly to differentiate it from hard maple" (I didn't know that). Based on the $6 I paid for the board, now I know even more about it. I think the figure in the wood here is a good fit for the handle (it was kind of you to mention it), and to be honest was a complete surprise. My recollection is that I made sure that the "business surface" was flat (the board was Not uniformly flat :) ), and didn't really think beyond that. I won't go into the details of what I learned from the project, but it was the first time I used a "decent rasp", and it made pretty-quick work of it. On the humorous side, I found it amusing that I wasn't exactly sure when to "stop rasping". I reached a "I better count my blessings" stage, and didn't go much beyond that. Then while using sandpaper for the next 45 minutes, I found the grain you referred to. Probably very few people put this much work into a strop, but it was a good learning project for me. Maybe the best lesson is that I should "get out there" and do another project (I have some drawings)! Cheers, Bill
  7. Byron, Just for the sake of "sharing", here is the only thing I have to show you now. It's for "honing" a filet knife, or others. It features a "custom fit" for my hand. Your project is at least 10 times as complicated, but I hope it at least shows my willingness to give it the "ole college try". I used "wipe on poly" for the finish. I tried to get the best finish I could only because I had never used "wipe on poly" before and I was curious as to what sort of finish I could obtain, for future reference. Thanks again for sharing your net project. It's inspiring! Good luck to Mikechell and I in someday reaching the level of craftsmanship with wood that you already have (he's probably "far ahead" of me, I don't know)! Bill (Bill_729)
  8. Mogup, I considered your note above a "snarky comment". So, since the issue came up again, I just thought you had one coming--nothing personal. But, even in this note you omitted a comma (I'm really only teasing you regarding your grammar). However, I do think you are probably more politically correct than I am. I have apparently made over 250 posts here. You are free to double-check them. If you read them I think you'll find that, as a general theme, I am trying to be helpful in the majority of them. I'm sorry we had to meet this way... Bill_729
  9. If you look up the way "old time banjo" rims were made by hand, you'll encounter some wood bending techniques (but Bryon basically told you the story). Sorry, the colors reminded me of "Baltic Birch". I love the mayfly on the net! I am aspiring to do more woodworking. Bill
  10. Mogup, As long as you're going to spend time pushing your version of political correctness, you might as well work on your grammar while you are at it! 😉 Bill_729
  11. "First class" work; nice craftsmanship the whole way. (I didn't even know you could bend plywood)
  12. As a "buyer", a closeup of a well-tied fly or two would be what I was looking for. I don't see a reason not to include the tyer's photo too, but the "quality of the examples" would be more important to me than anything else in the "ad". A misspelling would scream "amateur". I hope this is helpful. Bill
  13. If you create a population of woman who want fly tying information, then they have a fair chance of locating this site--and I feel confident that most of us will offer them all the help that we can. The chances that they re going to stumble in here out of some sense of belonging, and acquire the interest seems remote. Someone wrote, in yesteryear, that "most women are interested in fishing for anything besides a gall'darn fish...", however, I'm sure there are exceptions in these modern times--yet from my personal observations, not that many. To be honest, I saw a woman fishing by herself this summer at a state park, and I felt drawn to approach her to find out what "made her tick". But out of respect for her and my wife, I only said "hi" as we passed by. Incidentally, she was a "wormer", so not necessarily a ready-candidate for this site. But if you can come up with some solid answers as to why women fish, that may perhaps help you with whatever goals you have of adding some women to the membership list. Maybe ask a few of the woman that you know and post some of their answers here? Bill_729 P.S. I have a feeling that what any particular person wants out of fishing is somehow related to their age, or how hungry they are.
  14. Let's not lose our sense of humor. I think it's a non-issue.
  15. I don't read Cosmo or want feathers in my hair either.
  16. A guy from in my neck of the woods was asking $60 for a 3-hour introductory group lesson in fly/bass-bug tying. He noted that he had about 4 years of experience. I don't know how many "takers" he got, but that sounds like a good gig if you can get it. Is that consistent with the prevailing rate is at the fly fishing shows (I don't have one in my locale)? The teacher has apparently attended or been invited to many such shows.
  17. I dealt with this question myself, and I resolved it with the following question: In view of the flies at my disposal, can I realistically imagine choosing it and fishing it? If the answer is no, then it is not a keeper. That's actually not completely correct, as I have a couple of flies I like so much (and/or were so time consuming to tie) that I choose not to fish them---but you get my drift.
  18. When I first came to this site, about a year ago, it's demographics were not explicit to me at all. So I doubt that a woman coming to the site would have a different experience. So you can't blame what the site is doing for turning away women-they are most likely not showing up in the first place. Spend a little on advertising, and we could probably attract more...maybe rename it, "The Happy Hooker" and put an ad in Cosmopolitan. Here ya go: "Feathers, they are not just for your hair--get a free jungle cock cape for half-off with every new membership!"
  19. Well, if there is interest in pushing for this, someone could create a new section in the Forums, to help make them feel especially welcome! And we could watch and see if they talk about the others of us, and bartering for sticks and such. : )
  20. You perhaps misunderstand me. I welcome them. While you're at it, I wonder how well the various races are represented here.
  21. The "paint job" on those poppers makes my mouth water (the rest is obviously nice too!) Beautiful work! Bill_729
  22. And I feel fortunate for that---otherwise I might not eat! : )
  23. I went to my local (30 mile away) fly shop twice and was totally ignored. On the 3rd time I wasn't (it must have been 5 years before I went the 3rd time). Turns out there are at least two owners. The one I happen to meet the first time just seems "naturally quiet", not a bad guy, the other fellow much less so. Neither had any sort of answer for "Where can I fish around here?", which I asked on my 3rd visit, and they weren't busy (what sort of policy is that-ha!). I mean seriously, I could have answered the question better than they did. Incidentally, I did spend more than 3 years behind a "fishing tackle counter"--but it's "their" store, and not mine. It may get tiresome answering the question, "Where can I fish around here?", but if you are running a fly shop...then (IMHO) you ought to have some sort of answer ready...LOL (just a few miles from them, the Orvis store provided me with a map to a state park!). So perhaps the owners of my local fly shop are elitists, or perhaps mainly fishing for elite clientel...whatever they look like... But in response to Capt. LeMay's post, I'm sure it's just may be a matter of who you run into on a particular day.
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