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  1. Can you formulate your question differently? I did not quite understand)) my friend have good video about firt nymph
  2. Working nymphs from Siberia on grayling and trout))
  3. Good flies for grayling in Siberia river
  4. Big photo report fishing in Siberia on small rivers
  5. I returned from fishing (report later) and will continue to show flies from Siberia))
  6. Popular flies in Siberia. We call them snot
  7. Very strange flies)) Such ordered one person in Siberia))
  8. Two more Red Tag workers to the collection)
  9. Thank. Siberia is a very beautiful place)) My city promo 2019
  10. Another version of the nymph. The photo is dry and wet)) (I do not know how to say English correctly)
  11. New day - new fishing. The goal was to catch a delicious fish - dace. Found a point with a large dace - 20-24 cm. Wet flies worked))
  12. One day fishing in Siberia, 50 kilometers from the city. The beautiful river is Mana. The river is very fast. Caught a few graylings on wet flies and RedTag. Flies
  13. Body - pink dubbing + gamma Body - Woolen Thread
  14. It is Russian Hook. This hook produce local guys. The head is solder. I am only buy ready hook))
  15. With your permission, I will open the topic where I will share interesting nymphs on grayling. On such flies we catch in Siberia)) P.S. Ready to answer your questions)
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