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  1. I have very little experience of catching a nymph. (( But we have a lot of imitations of this insect)) And I know guys who exactly catch them.
  2. Hello friends, I propose to share my options for a good Red Tag flies) My collection
  3. Maybe)) You need to check with the camera in the water how it moves.
  4. Thank you guys, in a couple of weeks we will return to this river))
  5. One more good nyimph)) caddisc imitation in the home
  6. Fishing in Siberia. Difficult road through the pass and mud baths. An interesting small river with labor fishing. Iced water. In fishing, mostly small grayling, a large one could only be caught from the fossa. The variations of RadTag worked on the flies, and the wet variations were partridge orange. All fished on 3-4 class rods. I am)
  7. Greetings friends, share some simple step by step nymphs Material - Nymph skin Hook - #14 akula Head - bronze + marker
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