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  1. 11' 3wt 5pc just out of the shop. This one with royal blue main and silver trim, burl seat & grip. The matte olive blank and blue wraps has a nice look together.
  2. Latest off the bench. With my bad back issues the past few days things have slowed a bit in the shop but still moving along. just not at my normal pace. This one is a 10' 3wt euro rod with royal blue main and light blue trim, rosewood seat and burl grip.
  3. This one was done for a customer that wanted a special Christmas gift for his Son. 9' 5wt done up in his Son's favorite football team colors.
  4. First time a customer has requested that. I'm guessing it's just so he can see the tip better.
  5. Latest rod out of the shop. 10' 3wt euro nymphing done in black main except for last guide and tip in chartreuse, Rosewood seat with burl grip & butt.
  6. Would have, but got a pile of rod orders I'm working through that was waiting for me to get back home. Probably head back out again next week for a few hours and try it again.
  7. Got back out for a couple hours this morning. Zero action at all today which is a bit surprising since the temp is over 60f here today. Oh well, nice to get out for a couple hours away from the rod bench for a bit.
  8. Yeah thankfully. Was out for about 17 hours. I'm just glad I downsized my aquarium hobby. Was a lot easier dealing with two tanks during the outage rather than five of them.
  9. Another 10' 3wt ready to head out to its new home. This one in royal blue main wraps and silver trim, burl cork grip&butt and rosewood seat.
  10. This one you will want to put your sunglasses on first, and do not look directly at the wraps! lol. This customer wanted the brightest color I had. So hard to get any brighter than neon orange!
  11. 10' 3wt matte black blank with burl grip fullwells shape, burl seat, royal blue main and silver trim.
  12. Latest off the bench. 10' 3wt matte black blank with all brown burl grip, garnet main wraps and metallic silver trim, and a nice looking burl rosewood seat.
  13. Supposed to hit over 60f Friday, think I may have to sneak back out for a few hours again 😁
  14. Windstorm here all day. Friggin power went out, on my generator now. Someone come put me out of my misery please. Unreal.
  15. Me too Chris, I miss actually getting good news. I am not one to compare movies to real life, but there's a line in one of the Indiana Jones movies that rings so true imo. Harrison Ford tells a friend when talking about losing his Dad and Marcus, and says "we've reached the point in life where life stops giving, and starts taking away". Sadly I feel I have reached that point in my life.
  16. I honestly don't know how they do either redietz. All I do know is I am so tired of losing almost everyone I cared about.
  17. He passed at 7am this morning. I will miss him dearly, my life was better for having him in it.
  18. "Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way"- That is from one of my favorite authors and lecturers Alan Watts. It's one of my favorite sayings and it's how I pretty much live my life. Having lost my Dad so young, and my Sister even younger, I came to fully understand the meaning of that saying. It's really been a very tough couple years. Having lost my Sister Tracy last spring, as well as becoming estranged from a family member whom I loved dearly with all my heart, but had no choice due to her life choices, and now tonight finding out I am about to lose one of my closest friends any time now. Being the introvert personality type I am, I don't have tons of friends (by choice) that are just casual friends, but rather I have a small circle of friends that are very close to me, and they become like family. My friend Richard is one of those whom is like family. We've been great friends for over 25 yrs I'm thankful the last time we were together a month or so ago we had such a good time watching a movie in my theater room, enjoying a movie (Ford vs Ferrari) eating popcorn and good friendship. Both of us are "car guys" and we spent many nights up on Woodward, going to car shows and cruises together, and just having a great time. I'm really going to miss that. With so much loss these past years, at times I wonder how much more I can handle. But there's no choice, have to just accept what life gives you, enjoy the years you had with family & friends, and live each day to it's fullest because you simply don't know what tomorrow will bring.
  19. Nice way to spend a few hours this morning. fishing locally with a buddy. Definitely felt like a November day out there. I got a few smaller browns and lost another, then right before with got off the water Richard got a real dandy of a big healthy brown.
  20. Haven't had much time the past 2 weeks to work on the 1/5 scale (busy with real work stuff) but have sneaked in a few hours here and there. Found an 8" driver figure online that was the perfect size so made some racing harness, steering wheel, and other things as well as visor for the helmet and such. Also made a mount for a red led kill switch indicator like real Monster Jam trucks have to add to the scale look. My aluminum heim joints came in so was able to connect the sway bars. Got the big giant 1/5 scale servo installed. Took some work to get it in right and where it clears everything but after some back and forth I finally got it tucked up in there real nicely now. Still have a number of things to do before test runs and powder coat, but the list is getting shorter for sure.
  21. I'm sure the blue on your monitor is dialed all the way to 150% Mike 😆
  22. How have I missed this post till now, jeez. That's the way to live life right there Mark. Some great pics and looks like a fantastic time. And you can keep the 19' seas. Hell, I don't want any part of the 6' seas LOL
  23. It's a decal. Laid down a base of finish then decal over that, then another coat of finish to top that off. Has to be done before the seat is put on so a bit of a pain to get right but has a neat look.
  24. Fresh out of the shop and headed to its new home. An 11' 5/6wt switch rod. Natural cork grips with burl accents, carbon fiber seat, and very dark red/wine colored wraps that look black/brown till the sun hits it and you see the hint of deep red.
  25. This one just finished up is a very cool rod with a different look. 9' 5wt in matte black color with black Winn grip. I used a black window style seat but removed the insert and then finished the blank underneath with a trout silhouette. Wraps are black with single turn metallic aquamarine trim. Rod has a great stealthy look to it.
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