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  1. Wait......am I retired?? ๐Ÿ˜
  2. Congrats! After that many years I'm sure it will take a little while to make the transition, but with your days being wide open for fishing when you want too, I'm sure you'll slide into the new groove without too much trouble
  3. Bingo. Norm is 100% correct. As to the comment about Mod's being "phoo phoo about it" as well as telling Mike he's "very mature". That reply does not surprise me in the least coming from you "troutbum"....Or should I call you by your former name which was banned last month for starting crap... jalberts1. You see, while I may not be a computer programmer, I have in fact learned a thing or two in the 20 yrs I have been doing this about the tricks to find out who joins under different names after they have been banned under other names. Goodbye again jalberts1.
  4. Looking good Mike I'm happy for you. Now that the slab is in it really makes it look much bigger now than it did in the first pics with it just roped off
  5. Ya know, you very well could be right. I have no issue saying I am wrong, I might be here. I dunno if we have "fall fish:" here. But I just googled fallfish, and that tail does look different than our normal creek chubs we have here.
  6. Here's something that I really like the looks of for my own personal taste even though this is for a customer. A 9' 5wt CTS Affinity X. With the garnet wraps on this color blank it just gives it a very subtle & classy look. Did the grip out of a ll burl but keep it mostly just accents rather than a lot of dark burl to keep up with the subtle look.
  7. Really cool pictures that had to be a very enjoyable time. Far as the mountain lion, I personally feel there are more of them in many states than people realize. Here in Michigan just about 6-7 yrs ago there was a report on the DNR website about a small deer carcass that was found about 15ft up in a tree. I dunno what else other than a big cat would be able to take a somewhat heavy animal carcass up a tree ๐Ÿคจ Definitely makes you aware of your surrounds when hiking through the woods alone.
  8. 10' euro 3wt out of the shop this morning. Garnet & gold wraps, burl grip and rosewood burl seat give this one a nice classy look.
  9. Yep the extra length does help a lot with roll casting. While I am a pretty good caster with normal casts, skagit & various spey dble hand rod casts, I have simply never been a good single hand rod roll caster. But I built myself one of these 10' (in a 4wt model) last year and it definitely helped me get out further with my roll casts.
  10. The only rod I have that I would consider an "oddball" is one I built for a local small stream. I like to fish streamers for trout more than anything so I wanted a rod that would throw a heavy T-14 section and streamer but didn't want a 9' rod for a 25ft wide stream. So I took a 9' 3pc 7wt blank and took 18" off the butt section and made it a 7'6" 7wt. Works perfect for my local stream
  11. Another euro rod just out of the shop. This one done up in subtle green & gold wraps with burl seat, burl grip, and 12-18-24" measuring marks on the blank.
  12. You're a good guy Ken. You just restored a bit of my faith in humanity
  13. I've done that myself, we have spots here where it's like that if you want to fish. Spot on the Au Sable when the steelhead come in use to be about 75 guys in a stretch that was no more than 100 yards long at best. It's where fish would hold and stage and it was elbow to elbow. I fished that for many years dealing with the crowds. I just don't care for that type of fishing these days though. Dunno if I just enjoy the peace more now, or if I'm getting old.....I like to think its the first one of those things ๐Ÿ˜†
  14. If you do then try to use a section from an old broken rod (preferably fiberglass). A wood dowel won't offer much if any flex and will cause a shear point and just end up breaking where the end of the dowel stops. A section from an old glass rod will help to flex with the rest of the rod and have a far greater chance of working for you. If you decide to try to fix it yourself shoot me a message and I'll tryin walk ya through it.
  15. I factor in the $30 because it represents the overall value of the rod. If it were a higher end rod and had $300 original cost then $40 for repairs are worth it. Being a $30 price then spending more on repairs than the rod is worth is not wise IMO. Just the way I personally look at things such as this.
  16. Honestly I would say probably not. There's some pretty decent rods you can get for under $100 from Bass Pro or Cabelas so by the time you factor in the orginal $30 you paid, $25 repair, then prob $15-$17 shipping both ways, you'd end in with $70 into a rod that was repaired.
  17. Normally around $20-$25 range for a break repair.
  18. It's prob fixable by trimming back the split's then putting an inner stint in and re wrapping that guide . The good thing is since its right under a guide the action from the stint wouldn't change the feel much at all.
  19. A rod a day keeps the doctor away, or something like that Another just out of the shop and headed to its new home. 10' 3wt with a bit different color scheme which has a pretty neat look to it.
  20. Pa is for sure different. That's actually the main reason I stopped going out to Pa to fish Elk and Walnut for steelhead. Having 50-75 other guys with in an arms length was not my idea of enjoyable.
  21. IMO distance you can cast shouldn't even come into the equation. We get outdoors to find peace & solitude away from others. So it doesn't matter so much how much room is needed for casting, it's more the respectfulness of not encroaching into someone's space in which they are trying to enjoy their peace is the way I look at it.
  22. It's a name given by the manufacture that sells it so it's not an actual type of wood. You'll see all sorts of weird names for woods when these companies name them themselves lol
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