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  1. Thats a great looking Muddler, will be tying some of these up. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thats really good, I would have no problem fishing that fly!
  3. Autumn Twilight or Autumn Delight, either way its a great pattern and fun to tie, here's my version of this great pattern:
  4. Thanks, the channel is a work in progress but I enjoy sharing patterns & people seem to enjoy watching, cheers!
  5. Great pattern, have also seen this fly called the Autumn Twilight. Cheers,
  6. Nice looking fly, haven't seen this style before.
  7. Also new to this site, cheers!
  8. Hi everyone, hope all is well. Glad I found this group as I really enjoy the Forum Style format, looking forward to sharing patterns and learning a few tips and tricks from the group. Cheers!
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