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  1. Thank you both! Im uploading a video on this fly and though why not post a pic of it. I will keep posting my ties.
  2. Cute little GFA Hopper for some bluegills.
  3. Started seeing some hex the other day so here we are
  4. Seems like a part that could be 3d printed. I could attempt to get a model ready and then you could send the file to someone local that has a 3d printer and have it printed.
  5. I have the Hero 3 and Hero 7 White. I would not recommend the Hero 7 White as it doesn't have a removable battery, sometimes it is a struggle to charge it, and doesn't have many adjustable settings. The Hero 3 is amazing except the quality isn't super wonderful. I have friends that use the Hero Session for snowboarding and they like it because it is small, and it has decent quality. My Gopro Hero 7 White is only waterproof when the foldable side door is on the camera, otherwise it isnt. I hope this helps and if you have any questions on anything I said let me know.
  6. Here is a video from yesterdays trip. Ended up catching a bunch of Perch and had a few flags. Surprise at the end! https://youtu.be/Q2sZk53Zgas
  7. https://www.fishingmegastore.com/fly-tying-synthetics/lureflash-plastazote-fly-foam-sheet~49527.html Plastazote? It is kinda what you described. Hope this helps.
  8. Started designing a mold for ice fishing plastics yesterday and printed out a small prototype.
  9. Is this any good? http://www.speydoctor.com/hatch-chart.html
  10. Another salmon fly Im sure it has a name or is a variation of something but I was just throwing stuff together of something I saw awhile ago Silver fench tinsel Purple tying thread Silver French tinsel Peacock herl Black bucktail and black hackle
  11. Willys Dragonfly Var Size 6 salmon hook Silver tinsel Yellow floss Red and yellow 4 strand floss Peacock hurl Green thread Silver tinsel rip Cat toy feathers Peacock swords
  12. I am going to try to 3d print a vise bas. It could be cool.
  13. There is a popper head on thingiverse that I have been printing some of.
  14. For Christmas my parents got me a mini 3d printer. I LOVE it! The last couple days I have been working on optimizing my logo using fusion 360 to change it to an stl file (code that the printer understands). It was definitely harder than I expected but in the end it came out pretty sweet. I will post the failed attempts if anyone is interested.
  15. Get a small sheet of fabric from Walmart. The one I got was 95 cents and it is perfect.
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