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  1. Sorry to hear Nick - get well soon! I too forgot to take out the extended warranty on my body when I turned 50 as well!
  2. Sign me up! Love to try out some Bergman's - this will help me check off an item on my bucket list! Oh, and since they are to be donated I might throw in a few extras if you don't mind.
  3. Need you to PM your mailing address for the Bucktail Swap.  Thanks.

  4. Similar story for me (with a little more grey hair involved!). I've been tying flies for the past 48 years and fly fishing for ~37 years. I was a light/ultralight spin fisherman and fished using a casting bubble.
  5. First, thanks to all for allowing me to come in at 11 1/2 spot in your swap! My flies are in the mailbox for tomorrow's mail. Tied two versions of one of my favorites, an Indian Streamer. It's like it's tier - old, simple, cheap, and effective! It's a pattern based on an ancient Iroquois bird bone lure. Version 1 Hook - 3XL-4XL streamer Hook - think Mustad 9672 - I tied these on Size 4 (can tie on 10->1/0) Body - White wool yarn - I used Einband-Lopi 2 strand white wrapped 3 times Back - Peacock herl Thread - black (or brown, olive) Version 2 Same hook, thread, and body as above - body wrapped only twice just for the heck of it! (Tiers perogative!) Back - brown bucktail dyed olive under Peacock Flashabou This pattern is on many Canadian and Great Lake fishers top ten lists. I love it!
  6. A little tying hint. Sometimes the bead may slip on the finished fly. To correct this wrap a couple wraps of "lead" wire on the hook and slip it into the wide end of the bead. This will lock the bead in place every time.
  7. Happy to join in. As I said, I love to tie flies if only to watch the fish laugh at them! Thanks for considering me. I'm new to this site - just coming over from the Fly Anglers On-line (FAOL) site. Please PM me your address - flies are tied - two versions of the Indian Streamer - it's old, simple, cheap and effective - just like the tier. It's the white man's adaptation of the old practice of an Iroquois lure of a hook with a bird bone. It is old but it is deadly. Oh, please keep any of the extras for your box for hosting the swap as my thanks. I've hosted my share of hosts on FAOL in the past. I just found out that I have only one padded envelope! I'll try to get the flies out on Monday - if not they will go out on Tuesday. LOGISTICS!
  8. Count me in. LOVE to tie/fish bucktails! Count me in for some Clouser Deepwater Clones.
  9. Am I accepted as a last minute fill-in for the swap?  And could you PM me your mailing address if I am.  Thanks for the information.

  10. Count me in and I should get them tied and out to you by Monday the 30th if OK with you.
  11. One way you can experiment with this pattern is tying them on a popper hook. Look at this post using those hooks - it's a bit long but it is very informational. http://www.flyanglersonline.com/flytying/fotw2/030606fotw.php Hope this helps.
  12. Your TOO kind! A new pattern I'm working on and I have to get the bugs out!
  13. Flies went out on Monday the 18th, returned for additional postage due on Tuesday! The funny thing is that I had the postal clerk weigh the item and sell me the ORIGINAL postage before I mailed! The PO answer guy said that maybe the clerk didn't understand what I was doing/saying. The flies will now go out in Wednesday's (5/20) mail. If things proceed as they have you should get them in time for Christmas! Thanks again for hosting the swap. BTW - additional postage for my return envelope sent in a different cover.
  14. I went to tie the flies and found to my chagrin that of the thousands of hooks I had I had no 1 XL dry fly hooks! Just got them in today's mail. The Jiminey's will be in the mail the 18th. Thanks for your patience!
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