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  1. Shmang, you are in my friend. Let me know your choice of pattern when you can. Kim
  2. And I was probably thrown out just before you! You are in my friend! Kim
  3. DarrylP, I have received your royal princes in my mail today - nice looking flies! A nice addition to this swap! Kim
  4. John and niveker are both in! Looking forward to see your ties! Kim
  5. Norm, Are my eyes getting old or are the fox squirrels in your area getting a little gray? Kim
  6. Check out the FLY SWAPS section of the forum - next section down on the main page for the second instalment of this swap series. This time we are covering WET FLIES/SOFT HACKLES. This series of swaps are designed for those who are new tyers/new to swaps. Participants will also receive a gift of fly tying material for participating. Look forward to working with you!
  7. A couple of people from Swap 1 and/or Swap 2 in this series wanted to be in this swap BUT I think the paper I had your names MAY have gone out in this weeks garbage! Please remind me - my furnace hasn't been working the last 3 weeks and I think my brain has frozen! Kim
  8. This is the third of a series of swaps I am offering for the fishing "off season". It will be open for a minimum of 6 tiers and a maximum of two 10 tier tiers. This is the third of the series - WET FLIES/SOFT HACKLES (the first in the series was for the STREAMER type of flies and the second was for NYMPHS). As far as this swap is concerned a wet fly/soft hackle is normally a swimming type pattern and normally tied on standard to 2 XL hooks in either a dry fly hook or equivalent length wet/nymph hook. All participants will receive a fly tying gift for participating. Sign-up will end on December 16th. All flies must be received by January 31, 2021. DO NOT forget your toe tags! If this is your first swap read the articles at the top of this forum section. Any questions please feel free to PM me by clicking on my WWKimba name on this swap and you will be connected to write/send me a PM (private message). Most important - HAVE FUN! 1 - niveker - winged wet 2 - John1986 3 - DarrellP 4 - BHouk 5 - stabgnid 6 - haziz - Partridge and Orange 7 - Swmalone 8 - Shmang 9 - 10 - The next swap in this series is going to be DRY FLY patterns, keep an eye out! NOTE: You do NOT have to be part of this swap to join any of the upcoming swaps in this series.
  9. Remember - you are what you eat! Kim
  10. Welcome to the world of fly tying! I've been doing this for almost 50 years now and love to work with new tyers. On materials, if you plan on tying soft hackles on a regular basis You'll want to get some full skins instead of packets of feathers to better stretch your tying dollar. As a new beginner just starting out and trying new things packets are OK, but skins will be where you'll end up (that is if you find you fall in love with tying!). You'll probably see many patterns that read partridge an "something" and , yes, partridge is/was THEE primary soft hackle feather. But at $35 - $40 per skin it can be a little out of many new tyers price range. Quail (available at 1/3 to 1/2 the price) is a very nice substitute. I'd also recommend male Ringnecked Pheasant (the Swiss army knife of fly tying!). It has a large variety of feather patterns and will be indispensable for tying for tying nymphs and streamers as well. Another nice skin (called the "poor man's jungle cock" due to the feathers being used as eyes on streamers) is the starling. You can get a good skin for $5-$7 and it will cover your needs for black soft hackle feathers (hen works as well for the soft hackles). Lastly, hen feathers because you can get a wide range of natural and dyed colors. As a beginner tyer here's a great article you may like to look at - tps://globalflyfisher.com/tie-better/dont-tie-flies - don't let the name fool you, it's said tongue in cheek! Also, this should be a good reference for ANY new tyer - https://jackgartside.com/step_soft_hackle_flies.htm. Many new tyers ask "What is a set of good, easy flies I could start with - I look at it now as "Which fly tyers have effective flies that are good for new tyers. If you were to ask me to list my Top 10 fly tyers that I would like to follow Jack would EASILY be in the top 3 AT LEAST! There are many of Jack's patterns that are fish getters, easy to tie, do not use many materials and the materials use are mostly from what I call the fly tyers pantry - a list of materials that are used to tie many patterns, cheap and easy to work with! Hope this helps. Kim --AND NOW FOR A COMERCIAL MESSAGE-- If you check the Fly Swaps and Contests section of this forum I'll be posting my 3rd swap (in a series of 5) in the next few days - "Beginner/Intermediate Swap - Wet Flies/Soft Hackles" and you are most welcome to register if you'd like. For more information on this series look in the Beginners section of this forum and you'll see my original post on this series - I tag all these with a "new tyer" tag so they are easy to pick out. Also, feel free to PM me with ANY questions (to PM - personal message - me just hit on my name or duck symbol and you'll be taken to a place on this site were you can send a message just for my eyes. Hopes this helps and I hope you have as much fun tying as I have had over the years! --I NOW RETURN YOU TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING-- BTW, I HATE to admit this but this is an OLD picture! "Tie an ugly fly and go out on an ugly day and catch an ugly fish!" Kim
  11. The St. John's Waterdog (the ancestor of the Black Labrador) had mainly a black coat with a white "tie" coloration and their hair was used in that area for flies. Kim
  12. Mine ALWAYS look fine - when I'm NOT wearing my glasses! Thanks for running the swap Bob. Kim
  13. I have not received word from everyone that they received their flies as of yet. Is anyone missing their flies from this swap?? If yes please let me know. Kim
  14. Sounds like a good plan to me. Count me in as a positive vote (as if mine vote matters! ) Kim
  15. You ARE in this swap - made it under the gun - I wasn't sure if you knew or not. Kim
  16. This swap is now closed. We have 7 Beginner Tier tyers and 9 Intermediate Tier tyers. Let me ask now what you wish me to do with any extra flies? Kim
  17. Thanks guys for the comments AND posting the pictures! I enjoyed hosting the swap (my first in about 9 years!) and look forward to what you'll tie in the next in this series - Nymphs. Kim
  18. Looks like no pictures. Having trouble getting the photo from my comp to this site! Sorry! Kim
  19. Well I got word from haziz that he got his in Saturday's mail (he's in MA) so i imagine the pony express should hit you by Monday/Tuesday at the latest. I think you'll like everyones contributions. Now about that ranger... Kim
  20. Hey, what about the Beginner Swaps! Kim I know - I'm shameless!
  21. I also say that when I tie an ugly fly I go out on an ugly day and catch an ugly fish. That one's for free. Kim
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