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  1. Fasna worm chenille is great also, if you want to tie small worm patterns.
  2. Not sure how big a following there is for European Nymphing techniques in the states? I noticed a couple of your World Championship anglers have made a few videos on the techniques. If you like to use the method and wanted to make your own Indicator Wax then I’ve just pulled a guide together showing how you can do it. https://youtu.be/g6Q-W3un_KI
  3. Love them or hate them, these flies catch serious amounts of fish. If you’d like to win a set, subscribe to my YouTube channel, like the video and leave a comment on the video “win”. A winner will be drawn when the video reaches 100 likes.
  4. Loop very fine fishing braid line (12lb bs) through a 1.5mm micro ring, tie the braid onto the hook shank (hook bend up to the eye), then pull the braid back on itself and tie back down towards the hook bend, then superglue it. With the braid being fine you can still get nice thin bodies.
  5. Yep, so you can add tippet and a nymph.
  6. A great fly if your lakes have chironomids in them.
  7. The Deer Hair Grannom Caddis. This has been a great fly for me over the last couple of seasons, hope you like it.
  8. Thanks guys, I’ve just ordered an ipad (mic jack) adapter to fit a noise cancelling mic to my shirt, hopefully that will help with the noise levels. But I’ll also try and keep the clangs away from the mic.
  9. Photos credit to Hans Weilenmann Fly Tiers Page
  10. Wapsi Egg Yarn for me, the salmon pink is deadly for Grayling, especially when the colour has run out of it a little and starts to go a little orange.
  11. I like to keep mine on something like this, it’s slim and fits in my waistcoat, great when tying up multiple fly rigs.
  12. Here’s mine, only just started it so very early days. Still trying to figure out why my video quality is poor when I upload videos event though they are recorded in 4K HD and look ok locally. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3rh5YxJEhdV-A0JLOW3akQ
  13. A very classic Grayling fly is the sawyers killer bug. There are better options now, but it was a very popular and famous fly invented by Frank Sawyer.
  14. Hi, Just introducing myself, I’m based in England but joined a few US forums over the past few weeks. The reception on most of them has been great, but not so good on one forum where a couple of members took exception to me posting without introducing myself first. Being new to forums I wasn’t aware I had to but lesson learned so making sure I do this time. I’ve been fly fishing for as long as I can remember, 30+ years anyway, it took me around 12 trips to catch my first trout on the fly but I haven’t looked back since then. I love fly fishing and fly tying, and over the past 12 years also got into competition fly fishing. I’ll post some photos of my flies and given we are in lockdown in the UK I’ve been recorded a few videos also so if it’s allowed I’ll post those, but if not no problem. regards, Terry
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