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  1. Light Parachute Mayfly Tail: Cream hackle fibres Body: Tan alpaca Post: Calf body hair Hackle: Cream cock hackle
  2. This reads more like a witch's potion than a fly recipe.
  3. Thanks, flytire. You're definitely right. In the picture I was using the underwing wasn't really visible.
  4. Z-wing Caddis Body: Chartreuse Uni-Stretch Rib: x-small red wire Wing: Natural deer hair Head: Peacock herl
  5. Nice Adams collection! Do you use muskrat for all the bodies?
  6. Parachute Purple Haze I have always struggled with parachute dry flies, so I decided to practice. After watching a lot of videos and tying several dozen, they are starting to look a little more presentable.
  7. Thanks! The head is spun deer belly hair. I bought two patches, the other was much coarser.
  8. Thanks, Kimo! Your PTR Game Changers have inspired me to get some articulation spines in my next order.
  9. Pheasant Rump Streamer Nothing but pheasant rump and a bit of dubbing.
  10. Deer Hair Zonker Tail: Barred olive zonker Back: Dyed mallard flank Weight: Red and black dumbbell eyes Head and collar: Olive deer hair
  11. One of my first attempts at a Frenchie.
  12. Same as above, but with hare's mask.
  13. Grey Squirrel Nymph Hook: Size 8 2XL heavy wire Thread: Black 8/0 Tail: Squirrel tail Rib: Copper wire Body: Squirrel dubbing Collar: Squirrel in a dubbing loop Head: Peacock herl
  14. Doc Spratley Thread: Olive Tail: Cream hackle fibres Body: Black seal fur Rib: Silver wire Hackle: Grizzly Wing: Pheasant tail fibres Head: Peacock herl
  15. Picket Pin Tail: Brown cock hackle Body: Peacock herl Hackle: Brown cock Wing: Grey squirrel Head: Peacock Herl
  16. Hare's Ear Nymph on a jig hook
  17. Caddis pupa Hook: Fulling Mill Czech Nymph Thread: Pink 6/0 Body: Old rubber band Thorax: Black seal Hackle: Black soft hackle
  18. Not sure this has a name White moose mane and white cock hackle
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