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  1. Thanks! Great lookin flies with the doll eyes. Any advice on where to purchase them in quantity? Also, what is that wire you are using for a weed guard? I appreciate it.
  2. I need some feedback on what works to keep Living Eyes on EP fiber bait fish. I've tried Zap Goo applied to the eyes and set on the EP Fiber, and Loctite Super Glue Gel Control applied to the EP Fiber with the Living Eye set into it. In both cases the eyes are secure after gluing, but when I've used the flies, the eyes slide off after a couple of casts, almost like the glue is dissolved. Anyone else have this problem and any recommendations? Thanks.
  3. JohnW1986, what are you using to adhere the living eyes? I've been having trouble keeping the eyes adhered when fished in saltwater. I've tried zap goo and Loctite super glue gel and in both cases the eyes simply slide off after a couple of casts.
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