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About Me

The attached magazine article from the 2002 summer issue of Fly Fishing and Tying Journal, provides a brief explanation of how the Sam’s One Bug originated. My father, Craig “Sam” Blevins, described his fishing techniques along with his opinion on the success of the bug. Over the last 30 years I have witnessed the success of the Sam’s One Bug firsthand. I have caught more fish on this pattern than any other fly I have ever fished for warm water species. The Sam’s One Bug simply produces fish when many other flies won’t.

Dad created this simple foam popper to be a more durable popping bug. The goal was to reduce the costly mistake of casting expensive custom painted, balsa poppers against the rocks. Those errant casts were not kind to balsa and cork style poppers and often would cause them to crack quickly. The foam body of the Sam’s One Bug allowed the fisherman to bounce flies off of the rocks, sea walls or bluffs without harming the bug.  

Dad tied thousands of these poppers over the years before he passed away in 2005. He gave them away frequently. To my knowledge, he never sold a single one. I have tried to follow that example of gifting. So, I hope this letter helps explain why these bugs are not really being sold. Donations are accepted to help offset the costs of materials, and shipping charges.  Please make donation to the PayPal account [email protected].  If you choose to donate, thank you so much. If not, no worries.

Please consider passing along any success stories, and or any issues concerning the Bug to the following email:  [email protected]

Should you share the pattern or stories with others please keep my dad’s name in the conversations when possible, “Sam” Blevins.  It was dad’s way of striking up a conversation. He often used the flies as a bartering tool for fishing opportunities. It also proved to bring about many incredible friendships.

Tying the Sam’s One Bug is one way that I can carry on my dad’s tradition, promote the sport I love, provide a story about the ultimate Gift, and in some form or fashion honor my dad. But, please understand that while I would love to share the good news with you or anyone, I am not the guy that is going to belittle you because you don’t believe or don’t even want to discuss religion. That’s not who I am. I’m just here to be a friend who loves to fish and provide a fly that I think is one of the greatest poppers ever created. I hope you find great pleasure in my dad’s unique popper. The Sam’s One Bug has definitely been my most productive pattern to date and brought me so many great memories on and off the water.

SamsOneBug2002article.pdf Sam's One Bug 2.0 Instructions.pdf

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