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  1. That is a cool site, thanks for the link and the hints. Funny story, I flunked Latin Freshman year in HS. Had to go to summer school, came back in the fall knowing all my "declentions" and was like a Latin wiz...blew my burnout friends minds! Darned if I can decipher any of it now.
  2. Thanks FlyKid, I'm pretty sure you are correct based on what I see on the web, no that you have named it.
  3. I took the picture on my way to work and didn't realize how crappy it came out until I got there and uploaded the pictures to email. I will try to snap another, thanks for the info!
  4. LOL, had to google Art Flick.
  5. Thanks! Maybe I will put some of those old Salmon flies to good use!
  6. Its a 1 dram vial that is 45mm tall. I hear you about the camera, I have a nice one, but not lugging that in the stream. My cell phone is work issued, not sure if it has a macro mode, I'll have to check. The collecting thing is kind of fun and thought it may prove useful in tying, or maybe I've been watching my wife play animal crossing to much. Started a journal with your other suggestions, saw that in a book.
  7. I've read so much in the past month, not sure what or where I read it, but isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (only thing I had on hand) is not optimal b/c it makes the bugs brittle over time. What do you use or recommend and is it available anywhere?
  8. I am. Maybe I missed my calling as an etymologist. LOL. I had a bottle of alcohol, but nye impossible to find it in the stores now!
  9. Yes, yellow sally I'm pretty sure of it. # 1 was some a sort of Mayfly, looked amazingly like some of the flys in my dads collection. #4 and 5 were the same bug, He was/is huge.
  10. This is amazing info. I only referenced what I read, but you are right there in the thick of things. Thank God for the efforts of people like yourself!
  11. Thanks Daneal, Having fun and hope to tie up where things are missing.
  12. Holy crap! I'm not so sure that the fly imatation looks too much like one, but in another thread I was asking about a bug I caught and when I googled "Yellow Sally" this came up: And this is what I caught at the stream: So cool! Thanks for the info, its a stonefly for sure. Its all coming together. LOL.
  13. So, I went out this weekend to my local stream. Fell right on my tailbone, caught a tree or two, and a few submerged twigs. Good news is I'm starting to get better at roll casting and having fun getting to know the stream and environment. Best news of all, I caught a couple of bugs! This guys looked just like a Mayfly imitation, like an adams or light cahill...couldn't believe it. He was small as hell, and I may have messed him up a bit trying to get a picture This one flew right on to my leg where I swooped him up. Don't know what he is?? Could this be the Sulfur hatch I have read about in FFLD county CT? This big guy was hanging out near the edge of the stream, maybe he isn't even aquatic? Thanks to all for all the tremendous help the users on this site provide, you've all been amazing. Larry
  14. Thanks for the info. The efforts, I believe, were after my dad stopped fishing, but I'm sure he was dreaming of a road trip up north. Most of the feedback I have heard from CT is that the Salmon efforts have not taken hold very well, and there are obstacles (damming of rivers) and such that makes it hard for them to spawn or follow their natural instincts. I have heard of some success...a shame, would love salmon fishing to be local!
  15. Hi flytire, I'm in Trumbull. Do you ever get down this way?
  16. wow, this was a hugely helpful post TY!!!
  17. There are most certainly brookies around here, so say some anglers I have run into. You're right about closely guarded spots!
  18. Cool, thanks Philly. I love the history behind the patterns and the who/what and where it came into use. I would venture to guess our fishing water in CT are somewhat similar to yours in PA.
  19. Glad mikechell numbered my pics! This is great, thank you, you gave me some names to look up, I don't believe I heard of "Hornbergs". He really liked that Bee pattern, will look into McGinty. Someone mentioned patterns he developed, no, he never tied flies. In addition to the fly collection, he also left some really nice rods and reels: Scott 505 754 Orvis Rocky Mountain Sage sp 589-5 St Croix 4302 St Croix Ledgend Series L9010 Orvis Battenkill 5/6 Abel Big Game Pt .5 Pflueger Medalist 1494 1/2 Redington AL 9/10 Browning Model 1230 Been doing my best to clean and maintain the gear, spooling up with new line and backing, and most importantly use.
  20. Thanks Steve. My dad has a good friend who owns a local gun store, with some fishing stuff, good guy, my dad worked there sometimes. Went to see if he had any Fly tying vises, he said he hates fly fishing..LOL. There is a Bass Pro shop local to me, no mom and pop Fly shops I know of. BTW, I'm in southern CT. Hi everyone! Been fishing the local Mill river and a reseviour a couple towns over. Mostly was a bass fisherman in the past. When I was young, dad would set me up with my Mitchell 900 spinning outfit while he flshed flies. Wish I was able to pick his brain about it more now that I'm into it. The Salmon flies are a mystery, as there are no Salmon of any numbers around here. As for fellow anglers, everyone I work with is a golfer!
  21. Mark, you're a huge fly naming helping machine! I suspected they were gnats, thanks for confirming.
  22. My memory sucks, plus I've crammed a bunch of reading into the last month. I knew I saw them somewhere, love the name, they are pretty ratty looking!
  23. To be clear, please don't think I expect someone to sit there and type it all out, just thought the naming of whatever you can or feel like would help. Mark - TY for what you have named so far. I did/have gone to many of the big fly selling sites to browse w/o much luck. I have an older circa 90s book that helped, it is mostly geared toward Europe though, but I was able to see things like the long nose dace and royal coachman. I recently subscribed to Kindle unlimited and have taken out a bunch of fly fishing books. Really like the Barr book and the Hughes book. Definetely need to do a hare's pheasant tail and copper john and many others, did tie 2 that were failures. . Also love some of the modern streamers..When I started to organize my dads collection, I was like "What the heck is this and how do I fish it", so I thought if anyone would know, it would be you guys. I will look into the Orvis index to see if I have more luck.
  24. Don't be sorry, it does help, sorry for causing any confusion, looks like my pics duplicated after I said "Thanks again".. And thanks for the welcome!
  25. Hi all, Been bitten (no pun) by the fly tying bug recently. My dad was into FF, he passed away a year ago last month. Due to failing health, I would say his flies are mostly circa 60s-90s, he didn't fish much after about 2004. Maybe these patterns are passe now, I can identify the obvious Adams and Woolly Buggers and such, but having a hard time with lots of them. I know I'm throwing a lot of pictures at you all here, and I have read a bunch of books...as I said I can maybe ID like half of them. Was hoping for any and all help, if you know the pattern name and if Wet or Dry. I would greatly appreciate any you can or feel like naming. I want to start tying to fill in the gaps. TY!! Larry 1. Streamer Box - Mostly done! Thanks to all 1. A - Spread these out for easier identification 1(B) Closeups 1 (c) 1 (D) 1 ((E) 2. Lots of progress on the Dry Flys 2 (B) Closeup of some of the ones not named 2. (c) (B) Closeup of some of the ones not named 3. (a) Closeups of some of the nymphs and wets 3 (b) (a) Closeups of some of the nymphs and wets 3 (c) (a) Closeups of some of the nymphs and wets 3 (d) (a) Closeups of some of the nymphs and wets 4. Nymphs and Wet Box 4 (a) 4 (b) 4 (c)Would really love to know what this is, there is a whole box of them!
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