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  1. The upper half of reel seat section of my 2 piece St, Croix LEGEND 4/5 turned from its shiney black to a matt grey......it was wrapped in a cloth in an aluminum tube for about a decade. Can't tell any difference in performance, justy wondering why?
  2. Thanks the the advice. I have it hanging and have stretched it just with my hands and the kink is much better. Will try heat and a little weight now to see if it will be all better.
  3. Darn.......kinked it between my 2 piece 8 wt......is there any future hope for this leader. Can a kinked Furled Leader be unkinked?????
  4. Thank you sir..and that was a new one? I guess I'm gonna have to go buy a new one(but how do we know how "new" it is) and try it myself....... maybe they are just not a s strong as I imagined....mine do "snap"!
  5. OK...all these snap....can someone take a new 3/0 and pull it...does it snap kinda easy??????
  6. They are in a drawer in a drawer.........
  7. Then monocord should have born on dates on them, how do I know the stuff I am buying is relatively new???
  8. I want to "KNOW" which way its gonna ride based on weighting/wing etc etc....I know wooly buggers ride point up with a barbell eye tied on top of hook. Hook weighted turkey winged Muddlers I tied always rode hook down...which way does a Bead-head wooly bugger ride???
  9. Have 20-30 year old waxed Monocord(3/0??)....it seems to break easy. Does this stuff go bad/ Do I need to toss and buy anew????
  10. I tie wooly buggers with barbell eyes on top of the hook and they ride point up like I want on these. If you tie a wooly bugger/streamer with a bead head or bullet head, or weight the hook with lead, will they ride point down in the water/OR, what does one need to do to insure this......
  11. Sooooooo....is there a good commercial "mud" out there. I have an old ORVIS one that I never thought worked very well.
  12. What kinda leaders is everyone using out there. Couple years ago I got some furled with the little swivel on the end that I love. Am still using braided with a loop for my 3 weight for smaller streams as its a better curve caster!
  13. Soooooooo...I gotta keep rubbing mud on my 4x-7x tippets to get them break the surface tension? What about the best "mud" to rub-last longest, works best????
  14. Hmmmmmm...so the "twisting" will make a streamer right hook point up? Why not make it ride hook point down? I have these new furled leaders with the tiny swivel on the end to attach a tippet, I think they are awesome!
  15. Ahhhh...does it stay straighter and have less memory...but it doesn't stretch right? Guess that could be handled in the leader.
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