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  1. The upper half of reel seat section of my 2 piece St, Croix LEGEND 4/5 turned from its shiney black to a matt grey......it was wrapped in a cloth in an aluminum tube for about a decade. Can't tell any difference in performance, justy wondering why?
  2. Thanks the the advice. I have it hanging and have stretched it just with my hands and the kink is much better. Will try heat and a little weight now to see if it will be all better.
  3. Darn.......kinked it between my 2 piece 8 wt......is there any future hope for this leader. Can a kinked Furled Leader be unkinked?????
  4. Thank you sir..and that was a new one? I guess I'm gonna have to go buy a new one(but how do we know how "new" it is) and try it myself....... maybe they are just not a s strong as I imagined....mine do "snap"!
  5. OK...all these snap....can someone take a new 3/0 and pull it...does it snap kinda easy??????
  6. They are in a drawer in a drawer.........
  7. Then monocord should have born on dates on them, how do I know the stuff I am buying is relatively new???
  8. I want to "KNOW" which way its gonna ride based on weighting/wing etc etc....I know wooly buggers ride point up with a barbell eye tied on top of hook. Hook weighted turkey winged Muddlers I tied always rode hook down...which way does a Bead-head wooly bugger ride???
  9. Have 20-30 year old waxed Monocord(3/0??)....it seems to break easy. Does this stuff go bad/ Do I need to toss and buy anew????
  10. I tie wooly buggers with barbell eyes on top of the hook and they ride point up like I want on these. If you tie a wooly bugger/streamer with a bead head or bullet head, or weight the hook with lead, will they ride point down in the water/OR, what does one need to do to insure this......
  11. Sooooooo....is there a good commercial "mud" out there. I have an old ORVIS one that I never thought worked very well.
  12. What kinda leaders is everyone using out there. Couple years ago I got some furled with the little swivel on the end that I love. Am still using braided with a loop for my 3 weight for smaller streams as its a better curve caster!
  13. Soooooooo...I gotta keep rubbing mud on my 4x-7x tippets to get them break the surface tension? What about the best "mud" to rub-last longest, works best????
  14. Hmmmmmm...so the "twisting" will make a streamer right hook point up? Why not make it ride hook point down? I have these new furled leaders with the tiny swivel on the end to attach a tippet, I think they are awesome!
  15. Ahhhh...does it stay straighter and have less memory...but it doesn't stretch right? Guess that could be handled in the leader.
  16. Have they made a new tippet material that will break the surface tension and then stay floating near the top of the water yet? Or do I still need to use my old stuff and rub mud on it??
  17. Whats going to make a conventional streamer ride right-side up(with the hook point down). I know when I tie a clouser with the barbell eye on the top of the hook, it will ride with the hook point up guaranteed.
  18. Very cool...you guys(girls?) are the best!
  19. Well thankx JSz, at least you gave your 2 cents worth.....
  20. When tying Poppers/streamers to keep the tail/wing from wrapping around the hook??? Maybe a stiff underwing on a streamer......????
  21. Just die on me. They weren't used that much and not abused ,They were 2 years old and got a small hole in the toe and I patched and then fine. Then 2 years later a small leak in a seam between the boot and fabric-fixed, fine. I know they are old, but now they aren't even usable.....it seems the water just runs in on that seam between the boot and the fabric, I don't think its the actual fabric that is just allowing water through, is it? Soooo, they can't make a seam seal that would make these things indestructible. Do all Waders just last maybe 7 years tops????
  22. ...and my legs are wet. I need new Boots and Waders. What are your favs????......Boot needs comfort and durability(rubber sole-with size you ordered vs shoe size) and would like a Stocking Foot Wader that "breaths"(do they all now?) and will last as long as any. I know theres lots of smarties out there. Thanx in advance!!!
  23. Have an old WF Floating 8-Wt that I used the other day for first time in forever. Its not cracked and it floats fine. Anyone have any homemade recipes to wipe it down with to clean/enhance/preserve/aid casting(or a product) ...thanks in advance!
  24. Heres my yearling elk desc from old KS catalog...."...perfect for mini-Caddis,mayfies, parachutes etc".....its just over 1 " long........
  25. Cool..thanx...I don't think my deer hair is long enough to make the wings and then the hump. And , like I said, the yearling elk I ordered is 1" long-no where near long enough!
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