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  1. I'm looking to purchase a vise for travel and for use at my fishing cabin. It won't get a lot of heavy use, but when you need what they're eating, you've got to be able to tie. After several decades of tying, I'm a dedicated stationary guy so true rotary vises are not in consideration here. For reference, my primary vise on my home bench is a Dyna-King Supreme. Given that this new purchase will be a travel/back-up vise, I'm looking to keep it at about $150 or so. After overthinking this for a few weeks (hey, I've got some time on my hands!), I believe I'm down to the Wolff Apex or the Peak non-rotary. Both seem like pretty solid pieces of gear and both have generally good reviews. Unfortunately, I don't have ready access to a shop where I can see and handle both in person. So, from anyone who uses or has used either or both of these vises, any advice or input? p.s. I might also consider the Renzetti Apprentice if someone wants to try to talk me into it.
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