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  1. Edited by moderator mikechell: Spam? If this is why you're on this site ... then you will be banned. You can PM me if you wish, but don't put this "information" up again. You need 40 posts or more to put anything up for sale in the "Trading Floor" forum. This thread is locked.
  2. There is a wealth of experience on composite repair on here.
  3. Wonderful Tie, Thanks for sharing.
  4. Daneal

    Fish Pictures

    Wonderful! man You make your day🤩
  5. By the way you've a good collection!
  6. Daneal

    Fly rods

    Well, Its definitely not I think.
  7. Daneal

    Fish Pictures

    Wow! How enjoyable to catch the fish, I've a plan for next week.
  8. Super! Thanks for sharing with perfect image, I really appreciate it man.
  9. Daneal

    Fish Pictures

    Thank you so much !🥰
  10. Daneal

    Fish Pictures

    Wow! I love that! Its may your day!
  11. Daneal

    Fish Pictures

    I think I'll went out next week and I'll post here😀 my fish
  12. Thanks for having positive 🥰
  13. Cool Video! Thanks for sharing😀
  14. Make me emotional, Miss my Dad!
  15. Funny! ha ha ha........... Gonna with you
  16. wow! I've seen this 1st its look natural
  17. Daneal

    Fish Pictures

    Wow! love it I wish I could go out now for fishing
  18. Its perfect! for $9.00 E-bay lines " the same lines can found aliexpress $1" ha ha
  19. I love to spent my time fishing with my friend morkel🥰 ... By the way well saying!
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