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  1. A couple of years ago the hackle guy Charlie Collins was a guest speaker at my fly tying club. During his Q&A session he was asked about protecting his product for both his business and what he recommended for tyers and their materials. The answer...paradichlorobenzene crystals or balls. He had used this for many years with no ill effects, and I have done the same for quite some time...again with no ill effects. My material containers all seal TIGHT and I detect no odor when I walk into my office/tying room. I believe the key is common sense safe handling and those tightly sealed containers. Quarantine any new materials with those crystals/balls for 30 days...no matter the source. With 50+ years of tying behind me, never a bug...period!!
  2. Is that moth balls...or moth's balls? HA HA HA
  3. Now that I'm not getting the "Resource Limit Reached" screen I can respondπŸ‘ I enjoyed seeing this version and when I went through my books by Mike R. I found the Louallen version. It just so happens I had a Baron in the works when you posted this one. The body is complete and I will be working on finishing the fly after my wife and I get home from a brief getaway this weekend. As a long time Pryce-Tannatt aficionado that is the planned version I am doing at this time. I've actually done very little tying of late so the finished product may be a while before being posted.😁
  4. In a word...SWEET!! I've never seen this version, and you've done it proud.
  5. One other thing...Cloves and or clove oil are effective insect repellents, but they kill nothing.
  6. Very well said SilverCreek!! I would also add I use Hot Shot no pest strips. They come in strips about 9" x 3" which I cut into 1" x 1.5" pieces and put them into sealed containers with the materials. They last approximately 3 months and they KILL EVERYTHING at all stages. Just be sure to carefully follow instructions, use rubber or vinyl gloves then wash hands thoroughly. Good luck!!!
  7. Thanks Medic3141. Yes the wing was a beast. Those pheasant feathers are...well if you look in the dictionary under pain in the ass you see a picture of those tail feathers.😁
  8. Thanks for that. Our Samsung has been trouble free...so far. Should it get bad I would replace it in a heartbeat!!
  9. My carry piece is a Ruger LCR-LG...light compact revolver-laser grip. Does the job just fine...and revolvers don't jam.
  10. Oh man...I know what you are going through. Last fall ours gave up the ghost and we found delivery delays were close to 3, even 4 months for some models. We worked with a local appliance company and found what we needed and it was in place in 3 days. Good luck!!! George
  11. Helps restore my faith in my fellow human beings. SO GLAD to hear the R&R were returned.
  12. Not sure if I posted this one before, but I still find it an interesting Pattern. After I set the wing, I looked at the ragged end to the feathers and found I sort of liked the look...so I left things that way. The head could use another coat or 2 of cement and I just may take the fly out of its mounting and do that. We shall see. I hope you enjoy and feel free to chime in with any thoughts or comments, Cheers, George
  13. Based on what I've learned through this discussion and what you've said before...well let's just if I was concerned I wouldn't be sitting here typing this now. This site is obviously quite safe and a great place to share fly fishing and fly tying info. You will have to put up with my smiling face in the foreseeable future...guaranteed!!😁😁😁
  14. Hmmm...let me think...Superb, Great, Bravo...You're right about everything coming together on your trip. WOW!!!
  15. I fully understand what you are saying...and in no way wish to infer that my CC fraud issue was a result of anything on this site. I know just being on the internet opens anyone to potential criminal activity.
  16. That sounds like my problem. Someone changed the address on my card, then used my card MC number in Pittsburgh. I live just outside Philadelphia and haven't been near Pittsburgh in at least 5 years. I use Identity Guard to monitor my credit, ID, etc. and they were the people who contacted me with an alert on day one of this fiasco. Some fun eh.
  17. I am in the process of settling a credit card fraud issue. How did it happen? Who knows how someone got into that MC account. All I know is there are creeps out there waiting to take advantage of any opportunity.
  18. I've learned lots from this discussion. Thanks guys.......
  19. Well I'm sorry I'm not a know-it-all about computers. I see "Not secure" and no closed padlock and I figure that's not a good thing.
  20. Sometimes it is difficult to put on paper the meaning of one's words. My touching on the computer security thing was simply meant to let members know that was the case here and to be aware of the "Not secure" of some of the site's functions. My computer has all the right stuff for protection...anti-virus, firewall, malicious software removal tools, malware protection, etc, etc. I strongly encourage everyone to make sure you have the same to safeguard your computer and this site as well. I hope this makes more sense than what I said to begin with...because I sure ain't no techie. Cheers, George
  21. WOW!!! I just saw this and needless to say I can't think of anything to add to what has already been said. I will be thinking of you everyday and I know Angel will keep you in line. Follow doctor's orders and behave yourself. I went through the open heart thing in August of 2016 so I know what is coming for you. Weird...but I was planning to drop you a note and things got in the way, but they won't now!! I'll keep in touch for sure. Regards, George
  22. I do not have McAfee and never will. I've not had any issues...but I simple expressed concerns I thought members here might find of value.
  23. I love the site...but I am a little concerned about the security.
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