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  1. 4 hours ago, flytire said:

    yes but you also loosen the tie in of the ribbing material with thread torque wrapping away from you


    wrapping clockwise or counterclockwise only matters to that individual tyer. if the flies come out okay, who cares!

    Correct on both points...period.

  2. I am not doing any tying at the moment. Suffering with a pinched nerve and pulled muscle in my left shoulder area. Painful isn't a strong enough word for the situation.

    I know I enjoy tying my classics, but for now I will be enjoying what I see here on the forum...but I'll be back at it ASAP however.

    Not looking for sympathy by the way...that is found in the dictionary between sh*t and syphilis. 😂😂😂


  3. 2 hours ago, DarrellP said:

    I would rather have moths than moth balls.

    A couple of years ago the hackle guy Charlie Collins was a guest speaker at my fly tying club. During his Q&A session he was asked about protecting his product for both his business and what he recommended for tyers and their materials. The answer...paradichlorobenzene crystals or balls. He had used this for many years with no ill effects, and I have done the same for quite some time...again with no ill effects. My material containers all seal TIGHT and I detect no odor when I walk into my office/tying room.

    I believe the key is common sense safe handling and those tightly sealed containers. Quarantine any new materials with those crystals/balls for 30 days...no matter the source. With 50+ years of tying behind me, never a bug...period!!

  4. Now that I'm not getting the "Resource Limit Reached" screen I can respond👍

    I enjoyed seeing this version and when I went through my books by Mike R. I found the Louallen version. It just so happens I had a Baron in the works when you posted this one. The body is complete and I will be working on finishing the fly after my wife and I get  home from a brief getaway this weekend. As a long time Pryce-Tannatt aficionado that is the planned version I am doing at this time.

    I've actually done very little tying of late so the finished product may be a while before being posted.😁

  5. 34 minutes ago, SilverCreek said:

    I use the cycle freezing method below:


    "Until proven otherwise, any new material to a collection is to be considered contaminated - no matter what the source.

    1. Until proven otherwise, a room of tying materials is contaminated by "bugs" - always be on the lookout.
    2. Some bug killers are carciciogenic, so take care in handling and avoid prolonged breathing.
    3. Microwawing cannot be depended on to kill eggs, larvae and/or adults.
    4. Freezing will kill larvae and adults but cannot be depended upon to kill eggs.
    5. To kill, commercial bug sprays can be sprayed/poured onto a rag which is then sealed in a container with buggy materials. Again, this may not kill all eggs. After this process, wash the material to remove the insecticide
    6. If moth crystals are used, seal them with the material
      1. This fumigates the material
      2. It reduces fumes in the storage area.
      3. Reduces waste of crystals (slows evaporation).
      4. Pararadichlorobenzene kills, naphthalene deters.
    7. Specifically for vanegated Carpet Beeles, a way to kill them is to cycle them. Their hatching is cyclic over a period ot about 30-45 days. Place the material into a plastic bag in the freezer for overnight. Then bring the material out and place in a room temperature, dark location for 30-45 days Again place the material back into the freezer. Another solution is to periodically open up the entire room to extremes of hot or cold. For instance during the heat of summer or cold of winter open the window to the room that your tying materials are in. These bugs do not tolerate extremes of hot or cold. Prepare the room accordingly so that nothing is damaged by these extreme climate changes, such as moisture on furniture, etc."

    Very well said SilverCreek!! I would also add I use Hot Shot no pest strips. They come in strips about 9" x 3" which I cut into 1" x 1.5" pieces and put them into sealed containers with the materials. They last approximately 3 months and they KILL EVERYTHING at all stages. Just be sure to carefully follow instructions, use rubber or vinyl gloves then wash hands thoroughly.

    Good luck!!!

  6. 8 hours ago, Medic3141 said:

    @SalarMan well done, indeed! Beautiful wings with Lady Amherst and Golden pheasant... that couldn't have been easy to accomplish! 

    Hadn't heard of this pattern before and finally found it in Kelson's book. "Irish grey" is a new hackle color I'll have to watch for, I really like it. 

    Beautiful work! 

    Thanks Medic3141. Yes the wing was a beast.

    Those pheasant feathers are...well if you look in the dictionary under pain in the ass you see a picture of those tail feathers.😁

  7. Oh man...I know what you are going through. Last fall ours gave up the ghost and we found delivery delays were close to 3, even 4 months for some models. We worked with a local appliance company and found what we needed and it was in place in 3 days.

    Good luck!!!

  8. Not sure if I posted this one before, but I still find it an interesting Pattern.

    After I set the wing, I looked at the ragged end to the feathers and found I sort of liked the look...so I left things that way. The head could use another coat or 2 of cement and I just may take the fly out of its mounting and do that. We shall see.

    I hope you enjoy and feel free to chime in with any thoughts or comments,




  9. 24 minutes ago, Steeldrifter said:

    That is not "hacked this site". Again guys that is not how it works. An instance like that is something that most likely is on your computer and there is no telling how or where it could have been picked up, but this site is not "hacked".

    It is a real disservice for people to keep insinuating that this site is dangerous or that they have got something from this site because this site does have security measures in place which do prevent things such as that.

    Based on what I've learned through this discussion and what you've said before...well let's just if I was concerned I wouldn't be sitting here typing this now. This site is obviously quite safe and a  great place to share fly fishing and fly tying info.

    You will have to put up with my smiling face in the foreseeable future...guaranteed!!😁😁😁

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