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  1. Not secure connections are always a danger...no matter the site.
  2. I have noticed when I look at a post of one of my fellow tyers, or respond to a comment of something I've posted, or reply to a private message the connection is NOT SECURE. This posting is secure at this time but after I post it anyone who looks in will find that is not the case. Therefore my responses and involvement in the near term will be minimal or nothing at all. Just thought you all should be aware of this. Cheers, George
  3. Thank You Michael. Some of those have been passed along, some are still here, but no doubt more will be sold some time in the future.
  4. In 1966 I graduated high school and was fishing with a cheap glass rod and a Pflueger Progress reel. The combo got the job done, but before too too I discovered the pleasures of fine tackle and never looked back, and with no regrets.
  5. Haven't been tying much of late, but you have inspired to get back over the vise...thanks Sandan!!! Gotta go...cocktail hour🍷
  6. Phew...my hat size just went way up - 😎
  7. To start...a fly fishing "pole" is someone from Poland who fly fishes - HA πŸ˜‚HAπŸ˜‚ HAπŸ˜‚ HAπŸ˜‚ A favorite from 59 years of fly fishing is hard to say...expect that it would be bamboo for sure. Starting with: 7'0" Garrison Model 201 - 4 weight 7'6" Carmichael Model 206E - 5 weight 6'3" Paul Young Midge - 4 weight 7'5" Bob Summers Perfectionist - 4 weight 7'4" Weiler Garrison repro 204E - 4 weight 7'9" Weiler Garrison repro 209E - 5 weight 7'6" Weiler Payne repro 101 - 5 weight 8'0" Nevros Model 212E - 6 weight 8'0" Jim Beasley - 4/5 weight Prices when I BOUGHT THEM vary from $475.00 to $1000.00. Today's value for several are considerably more than that. There are others, but enough is enough. I like and use graphite as well, but for pure pleasure and inner satisfaction I have always reveled in using good cane rods!!! Cheers, George
  8. I have a feeling that might have been me. I have advocated laying a few hooks to be used out on a copier and simply make photo copies, then sketching the fly as you wish the finished product to look. As time goes by that will no longer be necessary, but it is a good tool to use when getting started.
  9. From experience...his barred duns are GREAT as well as the light ginger and barred cream. All of his stuff is of superb quality, these are just colors I use most often. Don't hesitate to order any color you need...and you probably want to do so SOON!!!
  10. If that isn't perfection...it sure is pretty darn close!!!!
  11. Hopefully he got his act together...too many complaints for far too long. That beautiful web site certainly deserves to be honored in proper fashion!!
  12. Oh so right, it is neat stuff. FYI - A jackdaw is an English crow and has an amazing dark blue/gray color.
  13. You're a smart man as well Dean! There's nothing like the Golf Channel, Food Network, the outdoor oriented channels...well you get the idea. Take care and stay safe!!!
  14. Hurricane season worse than normal Dean? Can't be...last year, and the year before and the year before were all worse than normal.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ My wife always puts the news on, and I do my best to ignore these folks...more now then ever.
  15. Thanks for the update. He impressed me when he was a guest speaker at my fly tying club and I have admired him along with his work ethic/dedication for many years. He will be missed!!
  16. I also have a HMH TRV and there have been zero issues such as you describe. One question however...What is the vintage of your vise? I understand the VERY EARLY vises had jaw issues which HMH quickly rectified. The originals had powder coated jaws while the later (current) models have blued jaws. If it is just the finish that is a problem, buy some gun blue touchup such as Birchwood Casey. Just follow the instructions...the stuff works great. The jaws should only need this on rare occasions. Good luck!! George
  17. Be forewarned...Feather Emporium has a rather bad rep when it comes to delivery. You won't find many if any good reviews on this site or others.
  18. Very nicely done Troy. Shows a much more traditional profile than your post of a short while ago. George
  19. You just don't seem to understand what I am saying. There is a difference between fishing flies and flies to be mounted, admired and enjoyed from the perspective of a tyer's talents and from the perspective of what many tyers think of as art. I no longer fish due to physical issues, but my 59 years with a fly rod in hand from Central America to Canada, England and the U.S. has given me a great deal of knowledge which I have always shared with my fellow fly fishermen. The #1 item on my list is simplicity. Too many fly fishermen suffer from paralysis by analysis. Simple flies with a close match for size and color will catch fish anywhere, anytime. EXPERIENCE has shown me that is all too true.
  20. Their brains aren't any larger😁 The salmon flies I have fished with are much simpler of course, but they are more of an attractor or lure...not a food imitation. The elaborate stuff is just a fun tying exercise and challenge.
  21. We're talking about an animal with a brain the size of a pea...and that's when the fish weighs 5 pounds or more. Just buy a basic assortment of quality necks and do some tying. Grizzly, medium dun, ginger and brown. Those feathers will take you a long way. Like I said in my earlier post...keep it simple!!! My ties are as simple and easy as it gets...and guess what? I've caught LOTS of fish over the years. Good lord guys...these fish are basically stupid. Make the presentation look like food and they will eat - period.
  22. Try not to over complicate this. In the case of Charlies Collins the determining factor for grading his necks...number of feathers. The grade 1, 2 or 3 necks are of similar quality...but like I said just vary in the density and number of feathers. His prices are VERY fair and he includes the saddle from the same bird with every neck. He is a great guy, totally honest and I think his necks are the best value available for the money. Go to his web site for Collins Hackle Farm for details. No worries about no pictures. He guarantees your satisfaction...period. George
  23. The Stephenson is super...the "Mopham" is totally insane (I love it)...and your hooks are superb. Well done Connor...well done indeed. George
  24. WELL??? What is happening. Don't tell me you're walking away from tying!!!
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