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  1. The size 2 is fine...my previous TRV's did that with no problem. It's the 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 sizes that were the issue despite what the HMH video says. However I will stand by my earlier statement that the TRV was the best platform I've ever tied on...bar none!!!
  2. THAT could get real ugly...in this day and age I'd probably never visit the site again!!!!😁😁
  3. I must admit I am surprised at the amount of information, thoughts and insight my first question as a newbie here has generated. Great fun and most helpful guys...THANKS!!
  4. Interesting thoughts Gene. My issue with the TRV was its inability to hold hooks in the larger sizes I use when tying classic salmon flies...as in 3/0, 4/0, 5/0. Other than that it was definitely the best platform/design I ever worked on...period. I'm sure I drove HMH owner and top dog Jon Larabee just a little crazy with my thoughts and ideas πŸ™‚ That is why I have decided to go back to the Master. It will handle that wide range hook sizes easily and having tied on a Renzetti for many years...since my wife bought me one for Christmas a long time ago...I am familiar with the working aspects and few idiosyncrasies of the vise. George
  5. Hey Barry, None taken. I have always believed that people who fly fish are ladies and gentlemen. You have demonstrated you are a gentleman of the first order...or to put it another way...a class act. If you ever get east to the Valley Forge area of Pennsylvania a reciprocal offer stands. My wife and I enjoy good food and wine as well!! George the Tin Knocker
  6. First...I'm not one of those rich bozos you guide wherever it is you ply your trade, I'm a retired sheet metal worker who has been fly fishing almost 60 years and tying over 50 years. I do know my way around a vise...and on the stream or river. I carefully save my money until I can buy and enjoy some of the finer things in fly fishing. I'm sorry if that bothers you. I'm not a professional show tyer. I belong to the Main Line Fly Tyers (MLFT) and have since their beginning in the early 1970's. My public tying consists of several times per year being one of the 2 tyers that does a little demo tying before our monthly meeting for the benefit of the other members regarding a pattern or technique, whatever. When the club has a booth at a local show some of us take the time to tie and promote the club...its tying classes, fly fishing classes, casting classes, etc to try and interest people in joining a fine organization and a great bunch of folks with a common interest in fly fishing, tying, etc. I have been fortunate enough to grow up in the sport at a time when I was able to meet and get to know a lot of great folks...many names that would be recognizable to most if not everyone on this site. I learned lots from those people and I do my best to pass along what I've learned to the next generation of fly fishers. You sir don't know me...and you DO NOT appreciate or understand my point of view!! George
  7. I appreciate that point of view...but to me it is just part of the fun just like owning multiple rods, reels ,etc. When I am working on a classic Atlantic Salmon fly it is in the Master. If I am headed off trout fishing and need some specific flies for that excursion I have a vise to tie those flies without disturbing the demanding work on the classic...and I want that vise to be one that is special too. When tying publicly at my tying club or one of the shows where we may have a booth I choose my vise depending on my mood and how the ego is kicking in😎
  8. This will be my 3rd Master Series..say what?...and I still can't figure out why I unloaded the first two. My second vise is the Presentation 2004, which has the shaft that allows the jaws to be pivoted like the Master...I call it my Mini Master. I may sell that one off and put a TRV in the mix...just what I need at 71 years old - 😁😁
  9. Thanks Toothy...that is good to know. I've committed to a Renzetti Master, but the TRV is never out of the picture. It is a great vise!!
  10. I know this sounds crazy, but I had 2 of and sold both of them in the past. The first one was a regret, the second one was a bit of a dog bought used and "improved" by that owner. This time it will be brand new and I am ready to rock and roll since I am familiar with what the vise can do. I will definitely enjoy. Cheers, George
  11. Thanks for your thoughts Barry. Since my last reply to this topic I went ahead and bit the bullet...the Renzetti Master has been ordered!! Sometimes these things can be a little too easy. After agonizing over this it finally dawned on me it was a no brainer...so the deed is done. One other note - I have an excellent custom base I got free sometime in the past, so I ordered a head only and a stem to fit the head...total cost to me $545.00
  12. First...I wish to thank you all for your informed and insightful responses to this newbie to the site. Great stuff, fine people and super site!! When all is said and done I suspect I will end up with my return to the Renzetti Master. Not exactly slumming it 😎😎 but my long time use of other Renzetti vises in the past tells me it is the only way to go!!! Thanks again guys πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ™‚ George
  13. Can you tell me the range of hook sizes it will hold?
  14. I agree that the vise one uses is purely a matter of personal preference...but...it is my understanding that Regal supplies many of the show tyers with the vises they use...as opposed to what the other companies do. I have not been able to independently confirm this but my insider friend has turned down that offer a couple of times. So ?????????????
  15. I suspect Jon got a little tired of me and my game of 20 questions. That's okay, but I've never quite given up on finding a TRV that will do all that Gunnar's does. Something tells me I will be going back to the Renzetti Master which does basically do it all. We shall see.....
  16. I will admit to a bit of an obsession with this vise. I loved tying on it, but I also want just one to be perfection I guess. Hope springs eternal
  17. I sat and tried his personal vise at the New Jersey show...and while understands my issues, as a small operation he is limited on what he can do to customize just one vise for a bit of a loon like me πŸ™‚ and I do understand where he is coming from. Maybe I'll ask him if I buy another vise if I can then purchase a second set of the jaws only which I will promptly begin to go to work on to see what changes I can make to accommodate my needs. We shall see......
  18. Thanks for your input DFoster. I've actually owned 2 TRV's in the past. The first one would handle hooks up to 8/0...but hold nothing smaller than a #8. The second one held the small stuff, but I couldn't get a 2/0 into the jaws. I guess I need to get my hands on Gunnar's vise - LOL I loved tying on that vise, but I was and still am hoping for something more versatile when it comes to hook sizes. Jon L. at HMH and I have communicated about this in the past, and I suppose we will again. We shall see. George
  19. I'm new to this forum, so please forgive me if I missed something about this vise...but I have just one question. Will the vise hold all of the hook sizes I hear about in the Gunnar Brammer's video? I need it to hold 5/0 salmon hooks for my classic salmon flies. According to the folks at HMH the vise maxes out at 2/0...yet the video say something else. Any experience in this area that will help?
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